Campaign Cake Balls! (Recipe and Campaign Poster)

Here is the batch with sprinkles – I made a second batch where I cut up leftover Christmas candy into tiny chunks and sprinkled those all over the tops.

My son James is running for Class President. (Excited mom squeal!)  His elementary school just adopted the idea of a student council – and he is 100% on board with ideas + enthusiasm!  In fact – he asked me to make my very first batch of campaign bribery treats this weekend (which I was more than happy to do) and we landed on Cake Balls.  You just can’t lose with those :)

The sqiggles all over the edges are because – “Girls in my class like fancy stuff, mom.”

Check out his campaign poster – which accompanied by his brilliant ideas – will surely help him go far :)  Here’s my favorite idea of his:
Put up “Bully Boxes” around the school.  These will be locked boxes with a slot big enough for kids to slide in a slip of paper, hung in places like the bathrooms or other public areas, for kids to report being bullied – or seeing others getting bullied.  This is so that (and I quote) “Kids don’t have to be scared of being snitches anymore.  Cause nobody likes a snitch, mom.”

Now back to chocolate!  Here is my recipe – stolen from Kasey & Kelly who taught me a couple years ago – which is remarkably simple.

Cake Balls:
Bake a cake.  Crumble it up and stir it up in a big bowl with a can of frosting.  Form into balls with scooper (Scoop it and push it hard against the side of the bowl so that it’s really packed in there).  Melt chocolate chips or candy melts and spoon over the top of each ball.  I always end up having to sort of gingerly spread the chocolate in a swirly pattern – because I never have the better-melting candy melts.  Chocolate chips just don’t get all that drippy, ya know?  Top with sprinkles, crunched up candy bars or pretzels, coconut, nuts or other yumminess while still warm.  Serve in cupcake holders or mini-cupcake holders.

Tons of flavor combos work well together, but here are some that are on my short list:

Strawberry cake + Strawberry Icing + Chocolate Topping (Like a chocolate covered strawberry!)
Strawberry Cake + Cream Cheese Icing + Any Kind of Topping
Carrot Cake + Cream Cheese Icing + White Chocolate coating + Nuts
Chocolate + Chocolate + Chocolate (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)


  1. Janice Michaels says

    Congrats & hope he wins! Just wanted to give you a little hint…if you add 1 TBS or so of crisco to the chocolate chips when you melt them it makes them “pourable” and it gives them a nice shiny gloss when they cool.


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