Boy Scout Coupon Cards – $5/$50 Publix Coupon!

(For the Chattanooga, Cleveland, Ooltewah, and surrounding areas)

My son Dylan, 7, who just recently went from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf cub received these cards for boy scouts.  I wasn’t quite sure who would was more excited – myself or my husband.

Here’s the story… As the Den leader announced the boy scouts were selling cards as a fundraiser, everyone sat listening.  It was when the Den leader announced what participating stores that were on these cards is where I’ve probably never seen a face so excited in my life (and not even for ESPN or the play off games! ;)).   “$5/$50 Purchase Publix Store coupon”.  Did he just say Publix coupon?! I thought to myself as I look over at my husband.  It was funny to see my husband’s eyes light up and then turn his head to look at me with a great big grin across his face… I think right then he wanted to jump up and get all the cards.  He couldn’t sit still until the boy scouts meeting was over to get his hands on these.

This story, to me is a special one in itself.  I have to say when I first started to coupon nearly 2 1/2 years ago, I’d heard the phrases, “Get these coupons off my counter.., my sofa, my bed”  …etc.  With no designated area for my addiction :), what was I suppose to do?  And where am I suppoes to do my coupons??  He didn’t care for what I brought home, what I got for nearly free or even free for that matter and definitely didn’t want to hear my excitement for the deals or the prices that I had paid either.  He just wanted his house to look clean and orderly.  Period.  Fast track to 2 1/2 years later, he is all for it!  Although he dares not go to the store with me to spend countless hours and calculating or even do an errand run with just ONE coupon.  He’d rather much stay at home and enjoy the savings as I do all the heavy lifting.  And I have to say that with him on board now, it’s something we both enjoy as well as helping other people enjoy the savings too.

The great part of it all is he knew the awesome savings that anyone would receive just by shopping at Publix - alone!!  He wanted to share these savings with anyone he could find.  Not only is it a savings card but it’s for a great cause – The Boy Scouts of America.

These Participating Stores are a One Time Use Only:

  • Publix Store coupon: $5/$50 or more, expires 9/30/11.  *Valid in North and Central Georgia, Tennessee and Birmingham area Stores.  NOT valid in Savannah, South Georgia and Coastal Alabama.
  • Ace Hardware: $5/$25 or more, expires 12/31/11.
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse: $10/$100 or more, expires 12/31/11.  (Good only at Chattanooga location.) *Instore use only.

These Stores are for UNLIMITED use until December 31, 2011.

  • Krystal Restaurant: Buy One Krystal Get One Free (Limit one coupon or discount per person, per vist.  Not valid with any other offer.)
  • Sonic:  Buy One Sundae Get One Free (Limit one per visit.)
  • Domino’s Pizza:  Buy any large pizza at regular price and get a medium 1 topping pizza FREE.
  • Arby’s:  2 Regular Roast Beef Sandwiches for $3. (Limit 1 – not valid with other offers.) *Valid at participating stores.
  • Incor Design & Promotions Inc: 10% off Total order
  • Tilden:  $5 of any one service. (Limit 1 coupon per visit.)

And by purchasing this card you are helping Scouts earn their way to camp.  The cost of these cards is $5 each.  $2.50 of it will go towards the boy scouts troop account which means, funds available to purchase their belt loops, awards, patches..etc.  I think the Publix store coupon in itself is worthwhile.  I have until the end of this month to share these savings cards with others.  If you are in the nearby areas and are interested in these cards or want more information, please contact me at time2savedonna (@) gmail (dot) com with subject “Boy Scout cards”.

I would like to thank the ladies at Time2Save for allowing me to share this with everyone!


  1. Jim Swilley says

    My sister-in-law talked me into buying one of these scout multi-coupons, but when I tried to use the 10% off at Best Buy the very next day, I was told they did not accept the scout coupons. Yes, it was the proper location and the coupon doesn’t expire for another 6 months. Fail! Now I remember why I normally say “no” to this type of thing. If stores can arbitrarily chose whether or not to honor these sort of coupons then the whole operation seems shady to me.

  2. Anne Merriam says

    My grandson sold these for his Cub Scout Troop. They are the best deal I’ve ever seen anyone, schools included, sale. You make $5 on each one you buy if you only use the Publix and the Ace card. Not to mention the other deals. My husband loved the Ace cards. He got almost as excited about these as he does his $5 Aces rewards he gets in the mail. If you are not signed up for the Ace rewards you need to be if you buy anything at all there. The rewards seem to mount fast and you get a card periodically for $5 more off. We go to Ace instead of the other big name stores for most things. There prices are comparable and they accept coupons and with the price of gas, they are a lot more convinent. All that said, these cards are a very good deal.

  3. Laura says

    I have also used the $10/$100 Sportsman coupon at the Academy in Hixson. They accept competitors coupons and accepted this coupon with no problem. On another note, the Bi-Lo in Hixson will not accept the Publix coupon :(. Just wanted to share this bit of info. to my fellow couponers.

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