Blogher ’11: Recap and Photos! (Bieber, 80′s Hair, Muppets) #blogher

Photo Credit – Our new friend, Reb, from

It’s already Monday – which means that BlogHer ’11 is all over and done with, and Team Time2Save is safe and sound and back in Tennessee right now.

I tried to get online to update you guys during Days 1 & 2 of Blogher, but the last few days were a blur of meetings and classes and parties involving dancing, french fries and chocolate (it’s a big group of crazy women, remember?)

I’ve been going through my camera and showing the kiddos pictures, and I thought I’d share them with you guys too – here are some of the highlights!

We like to start our day right – that’s why we bask in the glow of the Jimmy Dean Sunshine every morning :)  You should’ve see this guy trying to get off the elevator – we almost wet our pants laughing!

Speaking of “Sunny Days”,  this picture is especially for my little Addie, who is 4 (and happens to be freaked out by all muppets) – this ought to show him how friendly they are!  Incidentally, Elmo loves a good snuggle :)


Although talking to brands & learning about new products was great – it’ll wear you out being “on” all day.  Which is why we headed down to check out the evening party and unwind with our awesome roomie, Sarah from AThriftyMom.  That’s her, above, with her amazingly teased hair.  She wanted to help us tease ours too, but we politely declined….

The highlights of the party for me were:
a) Justin Bieber standees, which I most definitely had to pose beside for my boys, who made me sit through the movie “Never Say Never”.  Also, you see that Darth Vader is very jeaous of our friendship and wishes he could be cool like us.
b) Airing out my vintage disco dress for it’s once-per-decade event.  ($4 at the Goodwill, in case you’re wondering!)

The end of the conference meant saying goodby to lots of new blogger friends, and boarding the plane to return to the real world.  A world where sweet, sleepy kiddos sneak into your room in the middle of the night to pounce into your bed and welcome you home – and wonderful husbands have done all the laundry while you were gone.  I am blessed beyond measure!



    • Jamie says

      Haha – Now I’m going to have to put up a normal picture of her just to prove she doesn’t actually look like that in real life – I’ve got a good one in my phone somewhere…..

  1. Jamie says

    Firstly – this is true about Sarah – normally her hair looks WAY Crazier. :)

    Secondly – Janna, I’m so glad I was able to make you smile!

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