Blogher ’11: Adventures from Day 2! #blogher

Hey all!  It’s 3am Tennessee time – but only midnight here in San Diego – which means we are just crawling into our beds gratefully after a day of walking in torturous high-heels.  Today was another long and crazy day – and it started much like any other….

We woke up late and realizing there was no continental breakfast, went searching for the in-room coffee maker.   If you were here, you would’ve heard me holler with happiness, as I discovered a wooden box full of fancy coffee, cups, creamers and sugars!  Look how fancy-schmancy!

Unfortunately – 1 cup of coffee each was not to get us through the day – and we ventured out to find something more substantial.  We stopped first at registration – where CVS provided everyone with handy dandy tote bags (that’s what all that red is behind the checkout counter) and several goodies (We’ll be giving away a CVS prize pack after we get home, thanks to our goodie bags!)

Throngs of other bloggers poured in shortly after – filling the hall with familiar online faces.  The Pioneer Woman was one of the speakers today (although not one we got to see :( ) – but I made my friend Sarah send me a picture to share with you.  I’ve read her blog forever!

Twizzlers was there too, and they created a Statue of Liberty out of Twizzlers and glue – how amazing is that?!   By the way – in case you’re wondering, I did NOT plan this outfit to look like Wonder Woman.  I just can’t help it that I’m so super :)

After meeting, greeting, and still not eating – we walked downtown to grab a quick lunch and make a stop at Kinko’s.  Let me just tell y’all – San Diego is a far cry from Cleveland, TN.  People-watching is way more, um, interesting here than in our little town -  we counted 8 people talking to themselves (loudly and crazily), a man using a garbage can for a toilet, and someone carrying a pizza box under their arm like a briefcase.

After stopping in Ross (Yay!  Something familiar!) to get the kids a souveneir (It’s a Melissa & Doug fish puzzle – Shhhh, don’t tell!) we hurried back to the convention center to attend the kick-off Expo.  The expo is basically TONS of vendor booths set up in a ballroom – with representatives handing out samples and talking about their brands.   The idea is to walk around and make connections, find brands that fit well with your website, and exchange business cards.

We spoke with Lowe’s,  CVS, Frito-Lay, Dr. Scholl’s, Lee Jeans, and a bunch more (Really – it’s a big blur).  We made some great connections for the future!

Here we are with some of the bloggers we like – including one of my all-time favorites, Mercedes at CommonSenseWithMoney.

Hours later now – and we’re back in our room, type-type-typing away to the sounds of the ocean and a nighttime train.  Uh oh – just looked over at Kasey, and she’s konked out in the middle of working – I better go grab her laptop before it slides onto the floor!

We hope you guys are all doing well this week, and I promise I’ll be back up to speed once we return to Tennessee after the weekend!  Until tomorrow….


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    Jamie, it sounds like you’re having a fantastic time! Maria [[the newest blogger for Drugstore Divas]] is attending today’s events, so find her and say hi! And show her the ropes. She’s a blogher newbie. I wish I could be there will all you lovely ladies. Hopefully next year!

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