Blogher ’11: Adventures from Day 1!

Well, Kasey & I (jamie) headed out from Cleveland, TN today with a bag of Chik-fil-A, hot coffee, and an adventurous spirit – it was like nothing could go wrong!  But then things did.  It all started at 5:45 am…..

5:45 - My husband’s alarm didn’t play the wake up song, which means I slept blissfully unaware until 6:45…

6:50 - Kasey arrived in my driveway, I pretended to not see her, because I was still getting dressed.  This worked well for a few minutes!  Then it was time to leave  - and in a flurry of kisses and haste, I rushed out the door to head towards the Nashville airport.

7:50 – Having polished off breakfast, we suddenly realized that my wallet and license are NOT in my purse.  ACK!!!!  Without time to go back home and still get to our flight in time, we just started praying that I’d be able to make it through TSA through some miracle…..

9:25 - After a hefty dose of Southern charm & the Grace of God (and a couple other random bits of i.d.we pieced together) we made it through security, thanks to a very nice TSA Supervisor.   The pat down in the little glass room that followed… not so nice.

Finally…  we boarded the plane and were seated next to Logan (see below).

Luckily for us, Logan is super tech-savvy, and spent our 4-hour flight helping us add apps to our phones and giving us all kinds of facts about the states we were flying over. He was one smart cookie!

11:30 – 6pm - Sometime in the course of the next 7 hours, I managed to eat ALL the candy I brought to last me the whole weekend, AND the airplane snacks, AND a Burger King Happy Meal.  How did this happen, and now that I’ve gained 4 pounds, what am I supposed to wear for the rest of the week?

We finally arrived in San Diego – it’s so beautiful here, and the view from our room is amazing.  I feel super-lucky to be here, I wish the kiddos were here to see this!

Later that evening our roomie arrived – the lovely Sarah of AThriftyMom – and our friend Lisa of Nickels & Dimes – showed up in our room.  We headed out on the town for dinner with the folks at Proctor & Gamble – who hosted a bowling party with lots of crazy food that Kasey refused to try.  Granted, I only tried the chicken and tortilla chips myself, but I count myself adventurous and pat myself on the back.

Kasey turns up her nose at “Fancy Food”

While there, we met up with Allie at Couponingfor4, the fab gals at FabulesslyFrugal, and lots of other bloggers who (YAWN!!!) I’m honestly too tired to remember right now (It’s 2:30 am, Tennessee time).

Sarah doesn’t have a CVS in Idaho – we had to take her there!

So we trekked back to our hotel eventually, making a quick pit stop at CVS to raid the MagicalCouponMachine one more time for some free cheese puffs, and fell into bed (Laptops in all our laps, mind you)

To be continued…..



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