Blockbuster Express Code for a FREE Movie

Create a Blockbuster Express account to get $1 off your next 2 rentals with code JUNEDVDS – then try these other text codes to get $3 off a rental!  (Text these words to 39777)

  • Tales
  • Tails
  • Power

If you’re looking for more ways to have FREE Family Movie Nights – check this out!

Netflix is currently offering a 30-Day FREE Trial (It was just 2 weeks) when you sign up HERE.  If you haven’t checked it out in awhile, you’re going to love the new “Just for Kids” zone.

The regular Netflix homescreen has been split into two – and when your kids click on the “Just for Kids” Zone to pick shows, they can click on any character (see above) to watch that show.  They don’t have to read, and they won’t run into anything inappropriate.  It’s awesome – and really easy for even my 5 year old to find what he wants to watch!

Get a FREE Netflix 30-Day Trial HERE



  1. sarah says

    I don’t think the text codes work anymore. At least they haven’t for me lately. I think it’s because BBX doesn’t have an in-stock guarantee anymore.


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