Blockbuster: $.49 Sunday Rentals!

Blockbuster is trying to lure you back in the doors with $.49 Sunday Rentals starting this weekend through August 26! Get any rental priced $1.99 or less for just $.49 each Sunday.  (Keep in mind that $1.99 movies are usually the older ones)

Of course – you could just stay at home and get a FREE 1-Month Trial of Netflix and have a totally FREE movie every night for a whole month!  No need to leave the house or rush out to get it back in time.  Nope – just chillin’ at home in the air conditioning and avoiding your 120 degree minivan :)

Get kids movies, grown up movies, shows you’ve always wanted to watch from start to finish, and tons more – start your Netflix FREE 30-Day Trial HERE!

Plus – Netflix just recently added a “Just for Kids” Section chock-full-o-kids programming that you won’t have to worry about.  Read more about that in my post HERE!

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