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We asked you for your Black Friday Survival Tips on Facebook, girls ya’ll cracked me up!  This Black Friday shopping stuff is serious business!  Growing up my family never shopped on Black Friday, I had no idea.  Wow, I was blown away at some of the traditions and memories that you’ve shared.

Ya’ll have inspired me!!  Next year I’d really like to start a new Black Friday Tradition with my daughter.  Our BF tradition might be staying home and ordering online in our jammies while we sip hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies together.  The tradition isn’t as important as the memories we’ll create.


Lori - Don’t go! LMAO

Heather – Wear a diaper

Lisa - Pack an umbrella (got drenched last year) your own shopping bags because baskets & buggy’s get gone fast, CAFFEINE!! Wear comfy clothes & shoes. Dress in layers.

Erica - I agree with the umbrella. Maybe one of those camping chairs that you can break down fast and have a shoulder strap and LOTS of layers

Elisha - If you are going to the mall, go with a partner and drop your car off Thursday evening near a door. Have your friend drive on Friday, but you have a car near an exit to drop packages in and keep shopping!

Amy – Put the most popular and important gifts at top of your list and find a place where you can get it all in one store.

Ashleigh – Here is my tip… Don’t go.. shop local and online!

Farah -  Many stores nowadays have the same sale they have in stores online the day of Thanksgiving, that’s what I will be doing! Also, Wal-Mart is actually the best place to shop on BF; sales start at midnight and they have all the big BF deals right at the front of the store, no hunting! I was in and out of Wal-Mart last year in 9 minutes, and that included checkout! :)

Kathy – Just rest up during the day, take a short nap, I strategized with others that were waiting for the same thing, they got for me and I got for them.

Yolanda - Comfortable shoes and patience

Renee - Layers, a small purse with a long strap containing only payment stuff. Bring the checkbook in case your debit card freaks out. Mine has a fraud trigger. If it gets used too often in a short time span, it locks you out.

Tonya - Order online and stay away from the malls.

Penny - I used to work in banking, my tip is call your bank/debit card customer service dept. and have them make a note on your card that you will be doing a great deal of shopping. That should prevent them from locking the card due to suspected fraud. Definitely keep your card # & the customer service # in a safe place so you can call in case you lose it during your shopping :)

Nikki - Camping chairs for waiting in line.

Staci - Stay home :)

Lindsay - Red bull, Starbucks, snacks, a seat, your ads, and a great attitude!

Jennie - Shop on line and avoid the rush.

Kristin – A sense of humor. Try not to get so upset and laugh I mean really you are up in the middle of the night. Take a friend to shop with that has similar philosophy.

Jessica - Bring the Ad with you into the store and have it out at the register in case of discrepancies.

Melissa - In my family there are around 10 women that shop Black Friday! We have matching shirts which makes it easy to find each other in a store! Also snacks and blankets make the wait nice!


  • Take at least 1 partner. I usually drive, let my sister off at the front door, she has both of our lists, and then I park wherever I can find a spot and then go stand in line to check out. When she’s got everything, she walks up, we check out and leave! (Of course, I let people go in front of me, and explain myself to the people directly behind me letting them know I’ll let them go ahead if my sister hasn’t made it there. Most people are great about it, but some people get rude; I blame it on the early hour and jealousy that they didn’t think of it themselves.)
  • Go with a plan. If you don’t, you’ll end up buying things you don’t need or want, can’t use, or you’ll forget someone on your list.
  • Energy drinks, bottled water, and snacks in the car.
  • Fully charged cell phones.
  • Your own shopping “buggy”. We found a beach buggy one a Sam’s one year and it’s about the size of a stroller, but rectangular, see-through mesh, and it holds ALOT of stuff.
  • Layers, comfy shoes and good socks.


  • ‎Go with a partner.
  • Plan a strategy ahead of time for each store including the locations of where things will be (if possible).
  • Establish a meeting point at a certain time, especially if going to a busy store like Wal-Mart.
  • Make sure you have the cell phone numbers of everyone in your party.
  • Pack snacks.

Click here to check out the Black Friday ads and here for Amazon’s Black Friday Deals!  If you’d like to share your shopping strategies leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Mary says

    Elisha. I must say that is genius of you to park your car. I shocked a lot more people do not do that. And Mary your second winner up with standing in line while your sister shops. Game plan!

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