Coupon Binder Tutorial!! FINALLY!! Binder

So many of you have asked us how to start a coupon binder.  We put this tutorial together for you and tried to be as thorough as possible. (Click “Full Screen View” to see everything more clearly) 
Links to store policies that are published are below. 
Helpful Downloads:
  1. Learning the Lingo HERE (simple version), HERE (detailed list)
  2. Printable Meal Planner HERE
  3. Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy HERE, price matching policy HERE, and FAQ’s HERE
  4. Rite Aid Coupon Policy HERE

Online Store:
We now have Binders, Baseball Card Holders & All You Magazine available online to purchase HERE.


  1. lillie says

    I have a question but didn’t know quite where to find it or ask about. I get alot of expired coupns sent to me for military and alot of them are GOOD ones that werefor FREE products or less than 50c when on sale w/coupon. I want to organize a coupon swap but i’ve never been to one, except swapping at work with the girls, and i want it to be fair. I don’t want just one person hoarding all the 50c Crest Q’s to get FREE toothpaste. Any suggestions? I thought about making admission a canned food to donate to food pantry. Any ideas would be grately appreciated.

  2. Marie says

    The original creator of the coupon binder method posts at weusecoupons as Foggy and has a blog with her tutorial posted on it. It would be nice if people acknowledged her for her creation and how it has helped many people over the years instead of taking credit for something themselves.

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