Bilo: Take a Survey & Get a Free Coupon

Just a reminder for all you Bi-Lo Shoppers out there.  Did you know that you can receive a coupon for a FREE Southern Home (Bi-Lo) Brand item when you fill out the survey on the bottom of your receipts??  Well, if not now you know!! So SAVE those receipts!!

Right now the coupon is their Southern Home Noodles & Sauce Butter 4.5 oz for FREE!!  Usually whatever coupon they have for their “free” coupon is usually on sale (just not advertised) so you shouldn’t have to pay any thing extra out of your pocket! This coupon is valid until 1/22.  This is also a great way to tell them about your Bi-Lo trip!

*Do NOT make any copies of this because it will beep, even though the screen print will pop up and you are tempted to add a few copies to it.  But if you have multiple receipts, you will have to go through the survey again, if you are wanting another coupon for that product or otherwise, save those receipts for a product that you would enjoy more of!


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