Big Lots Malt O Meal Cereal only $1!



I stopped by Big Lots to check out their Christmas Clearance yesterday (just 50% OFF, nothing to write home about yet) and spotted some Malt O Meal Cereal for only $1!  This is a great deal – as my kids LOVE the Coco Dino Bites!

We’d love to hear what you are able to find at your store!

  • Cocoa Dyno Bites 12 oz Bag – $1
  • Coco Roos 12 oz Box – $1
  • Apple Zings 12 oz Bag – $1
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys 16 oz Bag – $1

But Big Lots doesn’t accept coupons, right?

Right!  As couponers, we can often get items cheaper than Big Lots, since Big Lots won’t accept coupons.  However – my “buy price” for a box of cereal is around $1 (and sometimes under).  To get this deal without having to clip a coupon or plan a trip was a win-win in my book!

Make deal-hunting easy on yourself by figuring out your buy price for items you use all the time, and calculate out what the cost is per ounce.  That way you’ll know if you find an odd-sized deal whether it’s a really good deal or not!

Big Lots Buzz Club

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  1. Fefa says

    I love Big Lots. I have always been so curious as to why they don’t accept coupons so I ended up asking and was told that they don’t receive their stock from manufacturers. (I’m guessing it’s overstock somewhere?) And therefore they wouldn’t be able to send the coupons for refunds.

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