Bi-Lo’s Anniversary: “BonusCard Coupons” for all!

Image courtesy of SavinginSpartanburg

This past week, Bi-Lo shoppers have been receiving some GREAT Bonus Card coupons that print out after the receipt!   Turns out – it’s Bi-Lo’s Anniversary and they’ll be celebrating by giving customers unexpected savings randomly at checkout!  Since these are all store coupons – they can be “Stacked” with a manufacturer coupon for extra savings!

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Newbie Note: Coupons that print this way are called “Catalinas”, because they are handled and distributed by a company called “Catalina Marketing” and they print from the aptly-named “Catalina Machine”.

Here are some of the coupons that I (and others) have received:

  • FREE Southern Home Eggs
  • $1 off ANY PRODUCE
  • $1 off Laundry Care Product
  • $1 off Oral Care Product
  • $1 of Cereal
  • $1 off Toilet Paper
  • $1 off Refrigerated Juice
  • $1 off Baby Product
  • $1 off Frozen Entree or Pizza
  • $2 off $25 Purchase
  • $3 off $30 Purchase
  • $5 off $35 Purchase

It seems like folks have been getting these coupons regardless of what they buy – so hurry in and buy something to see what you get!  Then come back here and let us know……


  1. Chrissy says

    I got $1.50 of any laundry purchase. I turned this into .23 bleach. And a few $2-$3 off onyo with $25-$30 purchase. I also got free eggs with $20 purchase. I was given a few other coupons for savings on produce and fresh meat purchases too. So far I have made three small trips to BiLo and saved at least half off my order. The last one was the best as the cashier handed me back change and I was expecting to have to pay in more than I thought. I have been telling everyone about your website and started carrying a small scratch pad with me so I can write it down for people I encounter in the store : )

  2. Julieanne28 says

    I hit the jackpot last week. The lady in front of me left all of hers behind & when I tried to hand them to her she said you can keep them I just throw them away anyway!! She had $5 off your next purchase, $1 off orange juice, & $1 off cereal. I added those to the ones I received ($1 off produce & $1 off frozen pizza) and used them on my Publix trip. It really is a shame that she was going to throw away $7!! Thanks for the deals & good luck to all!

  3. Lu Ann Ackley says

    I got $1 off frozen pizza with $10 purchase and $2 off a $25 purchase. I want the free eggs. I’ll go back tomorrow and see what I get.

  4. Melissa says

    I received two each of the coupons for Free SH eggs (no min. purchase) and $1.50 off a min. $6 purchase of cereal….works for me! Great to get free eggs, especially arouond Easter!

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