Bi-Lo Weekly Ad & Coupon Deals: 6/1 – 6/7

Here are the best deals from the 6/1 Bi-Lo Weekly Ad!  There are a few good coupon matchups – like the McCain fries – but it’s not the most exciting week I’ve ever seen….  Then again – after the Ball Park Stock-Up of 2011, I could use a break!

The website hasn’t refreshed with this month’s “Our Brands Challenge” yet – so let’s keep our eyes peeled for that.  Also – since it’s the first day of the month – we may see some new coupons load today that will match up with the ad.  Shoot me a comment if you see it before I do!

Shopping Tips:
- Bi-Lo Doubles coupons with a face value of up to $.60.  However, if it says “Do Not Double,” your cashier may not double it.
- Some Bi-Lo’s take a limited number of competitor coupons  – ask your store for details.
- Check out the “Our Brands Challenge Coupons” HERE
- You can print this list! Just click the boxes of items you want – a list will pop up on the bottom right that you can print when you’re done!

This List Has Expired
Meat & Produce:
Meal Deal:
BOGO Grocery:
BOGO Household/Personal:
Other Good Deals:
Healthy Choice Promo:
Sara Lee Promo:


  1. Erin says

    @Erin, the coupons might come in that insert, but in a different paper. I know that the AJC has a much bigger insert selection than Chatt.

  2. kjfloyd says

    My Bilo has the Hormel Completes meals on price lock for 2 for $4. Family Dollar has a coupon (if you Bilo will accept it) where you buy 2 Hormel Completes and get 1 more for 1 penny! Combine this with the .55 cent coupon for them and you should end up paying 71 cents for 3 of them!

  3. Erin Edmondson says

    Why is it that I rarely have the match ups that are posted like if it says RP 5/22 about the cheese I pulled out my RP from 5/22 and there is no coupon for the cheese I am running into this a lot lately? Can anyone help?

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