Bi-Lo Trip: 40 FREE Hershey’s Bars (Paid $14, Saved $102!)



Jamie here, this week’s Bi-Lo Ad had some GREAT deals that I couldn’t pass up – so yesterday I braved the thunderstorms for a quick Bi-Lo Trip.  I came away with an incredible haul – I kind of shocked myself actually!  After sale and coupons I paid around $14 for about $116 worth of items. 

I’d like to remind you that this is NOT the norm for me – or any real person.  Obviously I can’t go home and make my family dinner with this cart of random stuff.  (Well – who knows, maybe Hershey bar lasagna would be delicious?)  You can see there’s no meat or dairy or produce in here – I did all of that shopping at Aldi this week when I was stopping by for their super-sweet deals on Camping & Fishing items :)

Okay – do you feel a little better?  I really hope so – because we want to encourage you not discourage you with crazy unattainable savings!  This is a fun little trip – those happen sometimes and it’s just fun to share them with you guys.  Here’s the breakdown.

Before & After Sales and Coupons were applied:

  • (40) Hershey Bars – $39.60
    On Sale BOGO ($.49 ea)
    Used (20) $1/2 Hershey Coupons from the 4/14 SS *Regional
  • (20) Jars of Barilla Pasta Sauce – $53.60  (What a great donation item!)
    On sale BOGO ($1.34 ea)
    Used (20) $1/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce coupons fromt he 4/14 SS *Regional
  • (3) Capri Sun Super V 100% Juice 10-Packs – $11.97
    On unadvertised sale BOGO ($1.99 ea)
  • (6) Dr. Pepper Ten 2-Liters – $11.34
    On sale $1.66 with $.55 Hangtags
    *I thought these would double to make these 2-liters just $.56 ea – but they didn’t :(

After Sales and Coupons were applied, I paid $14.03 + Tax and saved $102.48!

Now I know you’re probably wondering why ANYONE in their right mind would need this many Hershey bars (I’d be thinking the same thing!)  Being the Youth Group leader at church means I’m always trying to scavenge a deal on candy to use for prizes.  Hershey bars are – oddly – one of the ONLY candies I’ve ever found that are not made in a plant that processes nuts.  Interesting fact, if you ever need to watch out for that as well!  Since we have some nut allergies in our group – this is the candy I gift the most.

Plus – it’s CAMPING SEASON guys!  A S’more isn’t a S’more without a Hershey bar :)


  1. Chantal says

    Nice haul Jamie!!

    BTW- Check your receipt to make sure the capri sun rung up at the right price. They are in the ad for $3 each, but my store also had the BOGO sign up… they rung up as $3 so I had to go to the CS desk to get it fixed.. and they pulled the signs down at my store….

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