Couponing for the Rest of Us

Bi-Lo: Mission Tortillas only $.59 ea!

This week at Bi-Lo, Mission Small Fajita-size Tortillas are BOGO – just $1.59 each.  When I checked out – I received a surprise catalina coupon for $1 off Mission Tortillas!  And it’s not just me, as I was walking out, I saw another coupon sticking out of the self checkout machine from another customer.

If you are planning to get a package of Mission Tortillas this week for $1.59, go ahead and grab an extra so you can turn around and use your catalina coupon to ring up the second pack for just $.59.  Maybe you’ll keep on getting this coupon over and over and over – wouldn’t that be nice!

Let us know what Catalina Coupons you’re receiving this week!

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