Bi-Lo Highlights: 8/18 – 8/24

This week at Bi-Lo you can stock up on cheap meat and produce – grab some free milk – and try out that Bisquick Shake & Pour!  Since I live in Cleveland, TN – I’m doing a dance in my kitchen chair about bread for $.26 – whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know about $.26 Sara Lee Bread!

Bi-Lo Shopping Tips:

* Bi-Lo doubles coupons up to 60¢ – with a limit of 10 like coupons doubled per transaction.
* BOGO’s: You only need to buy (1) BOGO item to get the sale price – so I simply list what the price of (1) will be (BOGO @ $$ each)
* Some Bi-Lo’s (i.e. Chattanooga, TN area) accept a total of (3) competitor coupons per customer/day.

Buy (2) Southern Home Pizzas (Self Rising Crust) = $10.68
Get FREE Southern Home Breadsticks
Get FREE PET Ice Cream, 56 oz.
Get FREE Pepsi, 2 L.


Best Meat/Produce

Southern Home Fresh Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs 99¢/lb
Boston Butt Country Style Pork Ribs BOGO @ $1.69/lb
London Broil Beef Roast $1.99/lb

Fresh Express Garden Salad, 12 oz.BOGO @ 99¢
Fresh Sweet Corn BOGO @ 34¢
Baby Cut Carrots, 1 lb. BOGO @ 99¢
Lettuce BOGO @ $.99
Broccoli BOGO @ $1.24
Gingergold Apples 3 Lb BOGO @ $1.99
Russet Potatoes 10 Lb BOGO @ $3.49

Best Grocery/Household:

Shamrock Rockin’ Refuel (Individual Milk Chugs) $1 *Price lock until 9/15!
Use 50/1 from the 8/15 inserts or order from Ebay
(makes it FREE!)

Bisquick Shake  & Pour $1.25
Use $1/1 form 8/8 SS
(makes it $.25 ea)

Sara Lee Wholegrain Bread BOGO @ $1.26
Use $1/1 FLIP if your Bi-Lo accepts competitor Q’s
(makes it $.26 ea!)

Bounty Basic Paper Towels $1
Use $.25/1 from 8/1 P&G
(makes it $.50)

Chinet Lunch Plates BOGO @ $1.58
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it 58¢ ea)

CocaCola BOGO @ $.89
Use $1/4 from CocaCola Booklets
(makes it $.65)

Emerald Peanuts BOGO @ $1.74
Use $1/1 or $1.50/2 from 8/15 RP
(makes it 74¢ – 99¢ ea)

Nature’s Own Bagels BOGO @ $1.74
Use $.75/1 PRINT *Zipcode 22222
(makes it 99¢ ea)

Bic Soleil Razors $3.99
Use BOGO from 8/1 SS
Stack with $2/1 PRINT
(makes each pack $1!)

Southern Home Fruit Snacks BOGO @ $.89 ea
Southern Home Zipper Bags BOGO @ $1.29 ea
Seneca Apple Juice BOGO @ $1.49 ea
Huggies Pull-Ups & Goodnites Closeout See HERE


  1. Mamaof2 says

    I have coupons for Cooca Puffs, Trix, Kix and Cheerios that will total $2.60 plus the instant $4.00 so that makes 4 boxs of cereals for $3.40. Two of my coupons are for .55 and two are for .75 but the .55 state do not double/triple, do you think they will double the two that are for .55? If so that would be 4 boxes of cereal for $2.30, which is a really good deal, .58 a box. I’m new to all of this so I having to learn. :)

  2. Eugenia says

    If you attended the SHE expo and stopped by the Time2Save booth you should’ve picked up Bi-Lo coupon sheet. There is a coupon for $2 off Southern Home pizza. Use (2) and it makes this meal deal $6.68!

  3. Mamaof2 says

    Do you think you would be able to use coupons on the General Mills cereal sale that is going on since you will be getting $4.oo instantly taken off at the register?

    • Jamie says

      Absolutely mamaof2! It’s an ok deal – $2.50 each. Minus the $1 off wyb (4). Minus the $1/2 coupons around the web. They’ll be about $1 a box. Thanks for pointing it out – it didn’t seem like such a good deal when I saw it in the ad – but I made a Bi-Lo run today and $2.50 is a lower starting price than i thought they’d be!

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