Bi-Lo Highlights: 4/13 – 4/19

This week at Bi-Lo has several good BOGO deals – and a 10 for $10 Sale.   Keep in mind that just because a store tells you 10 for $10 is awesome, doesn’t mean it’s always so.  (For instance – Post cereal in a cup.  I’m pretty sure it’s usually $1 already – and that’s never been a deal!)

Let me know if you see anything good I missed – and check out this post HERE about getting fantastic coupons at the register this month!

Shopping Tips:
- Bi-Lo Doubles coupons with a face value of up to $.60.  However, if it says “Do Not Double,” your cashier may not double it.
- Some Bi-Lo’s take a limited number of competitor coupons as well – check with your store for details.
- Bi-Lo has Buy Theirs ~ Get Ours Free coupons on their site, you must login to see them!
- You can print this list! Just click the boxes of items you want – a list will pop up on the bottom right!When you’re done, just click PRINT LIST.


This List Has Expired
Bi-Lo Meal Deal:
BOGO Grocery:
Other Good Grocery Deals:
Best Household Deals:


  1. chantal says

    lol @ Jamie… I run a blog …
    I used to do the Bi-lo Matchups but have not had as much time lately to really sit down and do them

  2. Cassie says

    My sales paper shows Ground Chuck to be $2.49 lb. – Value Pack 3 lbs. or More. Save $1.50 lb.
    Not on sale for 1.50 lb as stated above from what I can see.

    • Jamie says

      Thanks Chantal! I posted it this morning on the site – but haven’t gone back to add it to the matchups yet :)

  3. chantal says

    Aunt Jemima pancake mix is 2 for $4
    Aunt Jemima pancake syrup is 2 for $5
    - many have hangtags for $0.55 off wyb mix and syrup
    final price is 3.40 for both after coupon doubles

  4. chantal says

    Jello is 3 for $2
    – if you are lucky enough to still have some of the $0.55 off 3 coupons that were around a few months back… ( probably can still find them on ebay) it will end up being 3 for $.90 after the coupon doubles… not bad for summer treats…

  5. chantal says

    Kingsford charcoal is 9.99 – there is a coupon for free kc masterpiece bbq sauce or marinade wyb kingsford charcoal– not the best deal but worth it if you are grilling soon…

    I have 6 extra of these coupons if anyone wants them… ( chantalgiardina at yahoo dot com)

  6. chantal says

    went shopping the other day and noticed a few price lock deals…

    Peter pan PB price lock for 1.99 ( use the $0.50 coupons that conagra just released a few weeks ago and use the $1 off 3 publix coupon from their slam dunk book = 3 for $1.97

    Goodys powders were on price lock for 2.79 use the $2 coupon on their facebook page

    BC powders were on price lock for 2.79 use the $2 coupon on their facebook page

    and Chef Boyardee were on price lock for 10/10 use the buy4 get 1 free coupon from all you magazine or (if included) the buy 3 get 1 free chef boyardee whole grain coupon or inside some banquet dinner boxes there are coupons. I got one for .50/2

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