Bi-Lo Highlights: 3/16 – 3/22 (FREE YoCrunch Parfaits & Cheap Chicken!)

Bi-Lo has a LOOOOOONG list of BOGO’s this week, and several “Buy This ~ Get That” promotions sprinkled in – but all in all, there aren’t a ton of coupons that match up.  That being said, if you like FREE YoCrunch parfaits, SUPER-CHEAP chicken breast, and a Cheap Healthy Meal Deal – then read on!

Also – I received a catalina today for Kelloggs Cereals: Buy (3) and get a FREE Gallon of Milk Coupon. I’ve added that deal to the list – and it makes a nice breakfast bargain!  (Runs from 3/16 – 4/5)

  1. Bi-Lo Doubles coupons with a face value of up to $.60.  However, if it says “Do Not Double,” your cashier may not double it.
  2. Some Bi-Lo’s take a limited number of competitor coupons as well – check with your store for details.
  3. Bi-Lo has Buy Theirs ~ Get Ours Free coupons on their site, you must login to see them!
  4. You can print this list! Just click the boxes of items you want – a list will pop up on the bottom right!
    When you’re done, just click PRINT LIST.

There are currently no items in this list.


  1. Dixie says

    There is an otis spunkenmeyer frozen cookie dough coupon on under zip 37076 for those interested.

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