Bi-Lo: Gold Star Coupon Booklet – $55 in Coupons!

Keep your eyes peeled next time you stop in your Bi-Lo store, a new booklet containing $55 in coupons has been found!

The folks on WeUseCoupons mentioned finding it beside the weekly ads, or on a table near the weekly ads – but let us know if you find it somewhere else.

It contains both Retail (Store) and Manufacturer coupons – I’m headed out now, can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!!

- Thanks to boxergirldee on WeUseCoupons


  1. grace says

    I found some in the Brainerd one. Some were at the door as you enter (the door closer to produce) and others were next to the cashier. It is an awesome booklet

  2. Missy Hilton says

    I did not find any at the HIxson Bi-Lo today. Hopefully, they will be out tomorrow. By the way, I had a wonderful cashier named Susan. She was willing to fix my mess ups on coupons! And the lady behind me was patient. I got to talk about couponing with them.

  3. bi-lo store mgr. says

    It is going to be advertised in our ad on wed., so you may go into stores that don’t have it on display until then. Please be considerate and only take 1 so we have enough for everyone. Thank you.

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