Bi-Lo Fuelperks: New Bonus Fuelperks!


*NEW* Bi-Lo Bonus Fuelperks!

Bi-Lo Fuelperks have been around for awhile, but now they’re taking it a step farther with new BONUS Fuelperks.  If you’ve looked at this week’s Bi-Lo list yet, you probably already noticed a change.  We received the following press release today – take a look and see what you think – then meet me at the bottom of this post so we can talk about it  :)

Have you heard the big news?

With gas prices on the rise, BI-LO is expanding its popular fuelperks! program. Fuelperks! now includes hundreds of additional items that will help you save 5¢ to 50¢ per gallon, per item. This means bigger and quicker savings using your BI-LO BONUSCARD®.

Saving more with fuelperks! is easy. Fuelperks! is an on-going rewards program where every $50 of groceries bought gives you 5¢ off a gallon of gas. You can redeem fuelperks! rewards right away or build rewards for up to a month with an additional three months to redeem at the pump for up to 20 gallons of gasoline.

Okay – done?

So what do you think about these new item-by-item fuelperks?  If you took at look at this week’s Bi-Lo list, you’ll see that there are a whole group of items that receive individual Fuelperks.  Here are a couple examples from this week’s ad:

  • Buy (1) Hellmann’s Squeeze Mayonnaise $3.99 ~ Get $.05 FuelPerks
    Use $.25/1 or $1/3 from 1/27 RP *exp 2/24
    Stack with $1/1 DG Store Coupon
  • Buy (1) ALL Mighty Pacs Detergent $4.99 ~ Earn $.05 in Fuelperks
    Use  $2/2 PRINT

My own reaction is mixed. (UPDATE: I got the answers to both my questions below – and now I’m 100% on board!) I love saving money on gas and this item-by-item Fuelperks seems pretty straightforward.  Plus, I bet there will be times when there’s a GREAT deal on an item and it happens to be one of the Fuelperks Bonus items as well and we’ll all do a happy dance about it.  But I do have some questions:

  1.  QUESTION: Can we get more than one Fuelperks reward per  item?  For instance – that ALL Might Pacs detergent earns you $.05 Fuelperks when you buy 1.  But obviously I’ll want to buy two of them so I can use my coupon, right?  Will I earn $.10 Fuelperks?
    ANSWER: YES!  You can get the fuelperks rewards as many times as you wish!
  1. Will we see sales taper off only to be replaced by Fuelperk “savings”?  Because I don’t know about you – but I REALLY like my BOGO deals and low-low sale prices.  I’m just hoping Fuelperks rewards doesn’t begin to elbow out other types of savings.
    ANSWER: In talking to my district manager – he doesn’t foresee any changes on the horizon regarding BOGO deals and specials.  And in fact – THIS WEEK’s ad contains one of the best special promos we’ve seen in a long time!  Buy 4 GM Cereals and get $4 Off! (Makes them only $.37 per box)

Not sure how Bi-Lo Fuelperks work?  Read more about it HERE.

Please share any reactions, thoughts or questions you might have in the comments!


  1. Susan says

    I have built up $2.25 in fuelperks since Sunday so you definitely can do the fuelperks rewards more than once. I bought all canned cat food. I feed the local stray cats a couple of cans as a treat every day. Anyone know where I can buy bulk dry cat food at a good price.

  2. Chantal says

    I already emailed and asked about question #1 and will let you know when I get a reply

    AND I TOTALLY agree with #2- I’d rather have the amazing sales than fuel perks… both is super sweet, but if i had to choose… sales it would be!

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