Bi-Lo: Fuelperks & e-Coupons Explained

Bi-Lo  Fuelperks & eCoupons Explained


Bi-Lo Fuelperks and Bi-Lo E-Coupons are two great way to save money shopping at Bi-Lo.  

(Checkout our Bi-Lo Coupon Matchups here before you head to the store to save even more!)

Fuelperks especially are something to get excited about :)  As you can see – earning Fuelperks can get you HUGE savings at the pump!

Thanks to Bi-Lo shopper Kirsten for the image!

To get started with Fuelperks and E-Coupons, first go HERE to the Bi-Lo site and sign in with your Bonuscard (you must be signed in to see this). You’ll be able to load e-Coupons onto your card, as well as see how you’re doing with FuelPerks.

Let’s take a minute to look at these two ways to save – and don’t forget to check out Bi-Lo’s NEW Coupon Policy!

Bi-Lo Fuelperks Program:

Bi-Lo Fuelperks is an ongoing program where you earn 5¢/Gallon discount at the pump for every $50 you spend at Bi-Lo.  In addition – each week’s ad contains TONS of Bonus Fuelperks on select items that will help you save 5¢ to 50¢ per gallon, per item. This means bigger and quicker savings!  Here’s the skinny on Bi-Lo Fuelperks:

  1. Make sure to get the NEW Bi-Lo BonusCard, you’ll need it to swipe at the pump.  (The keychain sized card won’t work for this part!)
  2. For every $50 you spend ~ Get 5¢ off per gallon
    - So if you earn 45¢ in Fuelperks, and pump 20 Gallons = $9 in Gas Savings!
    - If you earn $1.50 in Fuelperks, and pump 20 Gallons = $30 in Gas Savings!
  3. Redeem your gas savings at stations bearing the Fuelperks Logo at the pump
  4. Your discount is good for up to 20 gallons
  5. Expiration: You have the remainder of the current month + 3 Months until they expire.  Your receipt will remind you when they’re getting close.
  6. Still have questions?  Make sure to watch the helpful video HERE

Bi-Lo e-Coupons:

As you can see, Bi-Lo e-Coupons look much like the printable coupons we’re used to.  However, instead of the option to “PRINT” we have the option to  “Save It”.  These digital coupons will be loaded onto your Bi-Lo BonusCard, and if you buy an item (for instance Lucky Charms), $.50 will automatically be deducted from your bill at checkout. (You must use your Bonus Card at checkout for the eCoupons to work).

Each digital coupon will only deduct ONE TIME – even if you have several of the same items.

You can NOT stack an e-Coupon along with a paper manufacturer coupon.  If you use both, the register will automatically accept the e-Coupon and not the paper coupon (so make sure you don’t load the e-Coupon to your card if the paper coupon you have is a higher value!)


Let us know if you have any questions about either Bi-Lo Fuelperks or Bi-Lo eCoupons – and check out this week’s Bi-Lo Coupon Matchups!




  1. Scott says

    The Shell Station in Lincolnton, NC will not use the Bi-Lo fuel perk card. They always say the system is down.. Who do I file a complaint with?


  2. melissa braswell says

    I have used my fuel perks at Conoco at Apison pike. and at On the Go station -Bonny Oaks.. right across from US Express..

  3. KittyLuv says

    Does anyone know how many deals you can get with the e-coupon? For example, if you get 50 cents off Chex Mix, is it just good for one Chex Mix, or for every Chex Mix you purchase? thanks!

  4. Katie H says

    I’ve used my fuelperks – somehow I managed to have 50 cents off per gallon! Very easy, just swipe your Bi-lo card (the big one, not the keychain one) at the pump. From what I’ve seen, most but not all Shell stations participate and they have roadside signs promoting the deal. You can also get a list of participating gas stations at

  5. KittyLuv says

    Caitlyn, have you “signed up” for an account with You have to enter your Bonus Card number, and “Log In” to the site in order to connect to the e-coupon savings, and attach them to your Bonus Card…?

  6. Jess says

    I asked my local store manager and he said they are store coupons and can be combined with one manf. coupon. I hope that’s true everywhere!

  7. Kimberly says

    We went to Bi-lo the other day and did some shopping. We did several of the 10/$10, the Meal Deal and BOGOs. We also took full advantage of the coke deal. We saved almost $60 in groceries and sad to say I only used 1 coupon. We received $0.20 in fuel perks. We had to ask the cashier where they could be redeemed. In Rhea County there are 2 gas stations that will redeem these. One is the Time Saver in Dayton and the other is the Shell station in Spring City. They are both a little more expensive on gas than say Murphy, but when we used our fuel perks we still ended up paying less. It was very nice.

  8. Anne Hendrix says

    We only use Conoco stations because we have Conoco gas cards. They don’t do the fuel perks, so it does me no good.

  9. Stacey Tipton says

    Does anyone know where the fuelperks can be used? Everytime I look for participating gas stations in Chattanooga, it says that there are none available in this area.

  10. says

    Every time I click on the “get started with ecoupons” it takes me back to the home page. I have no idea why, I’ve tried it in IE Firefox and Chrome and on two different computers. Anyone have any suggestions?


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