Bi-Lo: FREE Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat w/ New Catalina!

Photo Credit: CouponKatarina

Attention all you Bi-Lo shoppers!  There’s a great new Oscar Mayer Catalina deal happening that will make for some cheap or FREE lunchmeat this week!  Here’s the Catalina Details:

Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats (5/14 – 6/10):
Buy 3 ~ Get $2 OYNO Catalina
Buy 4 ~ Get $3 OYNO Catalina
Buy 5 ~ Get $4 OYNO Catalina

The tiny packs of lunchmeat are on sale this week for $1, but they were marked down to just $.50 each at my store (and many others from what I hear).  If you buy 5 discounted packages for a total of $2.50, you’ll get a catalina for $4 Off Your Next Order, making it essentially a $1.50 Moneymaker!

You can use that catalina towards your next purchase, even towards buying more Oscar Mayer lunchmeat – just be considerate and save a little for the next person!

NOTE: The lunchmeat at my store was set to expire in just a few days – but I’m throwing it in the freezer to use next time we need it.  Lunchmeat freezes just fine :)

This Catalina is also going on at Kroger, Food Lion and other stores – you can check out all the eligible stores on CouponNetwork under “Yourbucks Offers”


  1. Jamie says

    lela – it’s possible that the catalina machine wasn’t turned on (always check to see if the green light is on) – but if that isn’t the problem you can always call the catalina hotline:

    You need to have your products’ UPC codes and receipt ready, because they will ask for both!

  2. lela clingan says

    I purchased 3 but this did not work for me, it did not print out the $2.00 for it,unsure why…

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