Bi-Lo: Free Coke via Catalina

Jamie posted a few weeks ago when I received two different free product catalinas during my shopping trip at Bi-Lo. I am thrilled to say the Catalina machine is still showing me love! I have gotten a total of 3 Free 1.25L coke Catalinas in the past two weeks.  Have you gotten any of the free product catalinas?

Check out this week’s current Bi-lo deals.


  1. Lesly says

    I went a few nights ago and was absolutely SHOCKED when 6 catalinas printed out. None for free items but still on things I use. Here’s what I got : $1.50 off any toilet tissue, $1 off any body wash and bar soap, $1 off any household cleaning product, $1 off any oral care purchase, $1 off any laundry product purchase of $5 or more, $1 off any refrigerated juice purchase of $3 or more.

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