Bi-Lo eCoupons: 3 Free Products! (Fiber One Bars, Toaster Streudels, Cookie Dough)


Reader Melissa sent us this heads up – check your Bi-Lo account to see if you have any of these FREE Product eCoupons!

I had three “Free” ecoupons that I could load on my Bilo account this morning.  1 Free Box of Fiber One Bars, 1 Free box of Toaster Strudels and 1 Free package of cookie Dough.  Not sure if everyone will have access to those or not but we all like FREE!!!


Let us know if you got any of these – and see all this week’s Bi-Lo deals!


  1. Chantal says

    I got the same ones, but my cookie one was a BOGO coupon and not a Free coupon.. still a huge score!!!

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