Bi-Lo: E-Coupons Not Working Properly?

There  have been  many questions surrounding Bi-Lo’s e-coupons recently.  Many have complained that the e-coupons they loaded aren’t coming off at checkout.  We decided to dig a little deeper into this issue and see what’s really going on.  Here is what we found out…

First let’s make sure we are loading them correctly.

1. Log in to your My Bi-lo account- Once you login, you will need to click on the ecoupons tab on the right hand side menu.  Then Click get stared with ecoupons to see the available ecoupons and load them.

2.Browse for ecoupons- Browse coupons by store category, or browse by brands alphabetically. Or, enter the description or brand you’re looking for in the Search Coupons field. You can also view all ecoupons.

3. Save your ecoupons- Once you have found the ecoupons you want, click “Save It!” under each coupon, which will automatically add the coupon to your Bi-lo bonuscard.To view your coupons, click View My Save e-coupons in the upper left of the screen.

4. Redeem- You can redeem your ecoupons by scanning your bonuscard at checkout. All eligible ecoupons should be applied to your ordr while checking out.  They will  appear on your receipt once they have applied to your order.

I did the above, but my ecoupon didn’t come off,even though it is saved to my account. What do I do?

Double check to make sure you purchased the exact item and quantity needed for the ecoupon.

Bring your receipt  to the customer service desk and let the manager know that the ecoupon didn’t come off on your order. They will be able to give you a refund for that ecoupon. Sometimes it is helpful to have  a print out of your ecoupons that you have saved to your card so the manager can verify the ecoupon is indeed on your card. If you don’t notice the mix up until you get home, make sure to save your receipt so that you can bring it with you next time you are in store to get your refund. Just make sure to do so before that particular ecoupon expires.

Common Questions:

Do I have to use the big bonuscard or can I use the Key ring bonuscard? Either Bonus card will work.

Do I need to bring a printout of the ecoupons I have saved? This would be very helpful as the manager on duty can verify that you do have that particular ecoupon saved to your card.

Can i fix this in store? Yes, Just simply go to your customer service desk and let them know the ecoupon didn’t apply to your receipt so they can give you a refund.

Do I need to save my receipt? If you don’t realize that the ecoupon didn’t come off until you get home, yes. Simply bring your receipt with you the next time you are in store so you can get the refund.




  1. Melissa says

    Just wanted to let you know I had a similar problem. I was saving them but when I went to my saved coupons they were not there (after several tries). This was after one did not come off at the register. It dawned on me that maybe you can only have so many on your card. So I took off any coupons that I did not think I would use, went back and saved the ones I wanted and when I checked my saved coupons they were there this time. You may want to take off a few before saving the new ones to see if that works. Always check your saved coupons to see if they are there.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Bella says

    My ecoupons have been working but it’s very very specific. They show up as ZRV on the receipt. Like the $4 ecoupon for Kellogg’s cereals only worked on the exact type and size. I was getting the 12 oz Rice Krispies but there were only 3 boxes of the regular type left so I took a box of the Gluten Free, 12 oz, to make four boxes. The ZRV did not kick in but when I went back and told them the next day about the problem, I returned the previous purchase and repurchased with 4 of the blue boxes Rice Krispies and they worked. Hope that helps.

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