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Bi-lo dollar club

Bi-Lo Dollar Tank Club

We all know how expensive gas can be – even if you are only running back and forth to work or  the grocery store, it adds up. Luckily, Bi-Lo wants to help us save even more with their new Bi-Lo Dollar Tank Club! Simply save your Fuelperks until you’re able to fill up for a dollar or less and you will earn a whopping $1 off per gallon!

Here’s how the Bi-Lo Dollar Tank Club works:


  1. Use your Bi-Lo Bonus Card to shop and build up your fuelperks. You will want to earn enough to equal to the current gas price or higher.
  2. Fill up for $0.10 per gallon or less. Once you have built up your fuel perks – go get gas. You need to pay $0.10 or less per gallon.
  3. Submit a copy of your receipt.  Once you have submitted a qualifying receipt, they will verify the transaction and make you an official member of the Dollar Tank Club. You will automatically earn $1 off per gallon towards your next fill up!
  4. Every time you  qualify, you will automatically get it again!  Now that’s a great way to save on gas that is effortless!


I often save my fuelperks up until I have close to the amount of the current gas price. Now I am super happy that my waiting is going to pay off!

 Make sure to check out how you can start building your fuel perks this week!


Thanks, ThisChattanoogaMommySaves!



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