Bi-Lo Diaper Clearance: Bags $3.99, Boxes only $8.99!?


If you aren’t too picky about your diapers and just need a good deal – you might want to head to Bi-Lo and see if you can snag this clearance find!

Yesterday, reader Kristie left this hot tip in the comments:

Wanted to let you know that Etowah Bi-Lo has their brand of diapers on clearance. Packs for 3.99 and boxes for 8.99.

That’s a pretty nice deal – let us know if you’re able to find it at your Bi-Lo store!  Remember – always keep your eyes out for Purple Tags :)

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  1. Shannon L says

    Hey Jamie I was just wondering where the Bi-Lo weekly ad match ups were? The redirect is not working and keeps bringing me back to the diaper sale info.. Thanks for your Help!

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