Bi-lo: Deliciously Simple Coupon Book Spotted

I ran into Bi-lo last night to grab bread. My 3 year old now has a fascination with “birthday grilled cheese sandwiches”.YES, you read that right! She likes to put candles in her sandwich and  blow them out while singing happy birthday to herself even though it ISN”T her actual birthday! LOL… Kids are so cute!

Anyway, While walking around, I spotted this great recipe/coupon book! (It was in a display over by the Jell-O in my store)

It contains the following coupons:

  • $1.50/2 ZipLoc holiday containers
  • $1/2 Ziploc brand holiday bags
  • $1.25 wyb 3 participating kraft items:Baker’s bar product,Jell-o pudding or gelatin,Planters peanut butter,Honey maid grahams,Nilla wafers,Philadelphia cream cheese
  • $1/3 Dole canned fruits

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