Bi-Lo: Coupon Policy Updates (Specific Competitors)

It’s always nice to stay up to date on store coupon policies. Many change so often it can be hard to keep track of them.  Here is the OFFICIAL Bi-Lo Coupon Policy – you can read/print it out here, but here are the main points summarized:

The Biggies:

  • Bi-Lo will accept local competitor coupons 
    Competitor and store coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon – Competitor Coupon Must be for the exact same item – No $/$$ coupons (Like $5 off $20) – Local competitors may vary by store, but specific ones are mentioned now!!
  • Electronic Coupons 
    SavingStar already works for Bi-Lo and Bi-lo also offers e-coupons on their site. With the Bi-lo electronic coupons, you simply login and add the e-coupons you want to your card. Once you scan your card at checkout the e-coupons will come off for the items you purchased.
  • Coupons & BonusCard must be presented at BEGINNING of checkout
  • Coupons double up to $.60 – but only up to the price of the item.   No overage!
  • Coupons that say “Do Not Double” will NOT be doubled.
    These are known in coupon lingo as “DND” coupons
  • Limit of 10 “like” coupons will double per transaction
    Example:  Buy (11) Vlasic Pickles, use (11) $.55 coupons – only 10 will double, and the 11th will stay $.55.  You can still buy other things and those coupons will double just fine, but only 10 of the “Same” coupon will double per transaction.  (this was already a rule, but it’s not widely known)


Often times there will be some exceptions, so to make sure you can use a coupon ask a manager when you first come in to shop, that way you don’t have a hassle when checking out.   You can see here two couponers we met who scored HUGE all because they asked a manager when they first came in. We never want to abuse any store coupon policy because that will affect couponing not only for us but for everyone. When the store loses money, the consumers are affected big or small.

Also, if you visit a store often, get to know your managers. One thing I have found out over time with couponing is that getting to know your day to day managers is an amazing key to successful shopping/couponing. If the manager knows you coupon and knows how you shop etc., often times they will be more helpful as to which coupons you can use, coupon limits, ordering products, etc. It really goes a LONG way to introduce yourself to them.


  1. Lisa says

    If you have a raincheck for 10 items. Do you have to do ten transactions to use your like competitor coupon with the manufacturer coupon?

  2. Sue Reynolds says

    Also, we are only allowed to use 1 like competitor coupon per transaction. Example-you have 2 wags coupons for 2 jars of vlassic. You would have to do 2 transactions to get both jars.

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