Bi-Lo Coupon Policy Changes

Jamie here, have you heard about the new Bi-Lo Coupon Policy Changes that will take effect on Sunday 6/1?  My store handed me an updated policy last week, and I’ve been reading it over.  I’d like to touch on the biggest changes.

The biggest changes include:

  •  Competitor House Brand coupons can be used on Bi-Lo  House brands (Target Up & Up paper plates for Bi-Lo Southern Home paper plates, etc…).
  •  $5 off $25 Family Dollar & DG Coupons and now fine.  These stores have been officially added to the list of competitors now (Hallelujah!)
  •  “Total Purchase” competitor coupons are fine (Like a $5 off $25, or $10 off $50 from Target)
  • Only 1 “Like” Competitor coupon per order (eg; no using 5 Walgreens Purex coupon to buy 5 Bottles of Purex)
  • Limit of (10) Competitor Coupons per order
  • Limit of (5) “Like” Coupons per order
  • We can no longer use coupons on the Meal Deal or Health/Beauty Deal FREE items. (Just the initial item that you buy)
  • Bi-Lo eCoupons (Zavers coupons) can no longer be stacked with Manufacturer Coupons.  You have to pick one of the other, so just choose the best one before you decide to load it to your card.
  •  No more using coupons for items not in stock – which means people can’t special order large quantities and bring in their coupons.  But what it means for MOST of us is that if you take in the raincheck you got when Bi-Lo was sold out of say, Purex, you can’t use any coupons with it.

Mostly it’s just more things like limits for us to remember. Changes can be a little uncomfortable.

You can read it yourself HERE - and please weigh in on what you think, or if your store is being more or less strict on these points!



  1. says

    Niečo by som mohol napísať… je tam viacej možností
    čo robiť a to je hrať hry, pozerať video a nachádzajú sa tam celkm v pohode seriály.
    Hlavne tie moje najoblúbenejšie a rpeto tam tak rád chodím.

  2. keisha says

    my bi lo only accepts competitors coupons if there is an address they can redeem them at to get the money back.

  3. pkpayne says

    On my last trip to Bi-Lo, I didn’t know this about my store: They will accept only (3) competitor coupons per transaction. So buyer be aware about this at your store.
    I had matched up a lot of comps and manufacture coupons and I didn’t save as much as I wanted to, but I’m still learning about coupons and Bi-LO is still my favorite store.
    I’m very pleased to say, “I paid only 2.26 per gallon of gas! ” up to 20 gallons and I filled my tank up.
    Thanks so much for all of the information on your site. It has helped me a lot.

    • Jamie says

      When an item is BOGO at Bi-Lo – it really just means that each item is 1/2 price! You can get one or 3 or 11 – and it will only be 1/2 price per item.

      • Kristen says

        When you have a B1G1 free coupon for a product, are you able to stack another manufacture coupon for say $3/2 to get the items even cheaper?

        • says

          No Kristen – If it were a BOGO sale – then you TOTALLY could – because the store is the one giving you the BOGO savings, and the manufacturer is the one giving you the coupon savings. Each one is only getting hit one time. But the BOGO Coupon is a manufacturer discount, and that $3/2 coupon would get kicked out because you can’t use 2 manufacturer coupons on one item. I hope that helps!

  4. neka says

    i have read some information on the ew program and the program is going to be very very good from the info i got to read i am excited about the new program coming in aug and the process to get a new card will be very simple i think all you will have to do is give them your old car they will scan it and link it to your new card

  5. Heather says

    Not long ago, you could get an updated Bonus Card on Bi-Lo’s website that is set for Fuel Perks so that if/when they start that here in the Chattanooga area, we’ll start earning those. I wonder if that is the card change they were talking about? I think it is just a way to update everyone. When we got ours, it was linked to my old card so I didn’t lose any of my info as far as purchases were concerned and I can still long in on their website and see that card. Love Bi-Lo and this change will be nice.

  6. CCB says

    I went to Bi-li today and they told me come August 1 they are rolling out a new bonus card program. You will have to get a new card and everything. When companies change things like this it usually it not in our favor.

    I also heard tha Target is considering not accepting coupons. Is there any truth to that? So much fraud is causing companies to drastically change their polices. It is really sad for honest coupners who are trying to save their families money.


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