Bi-Lo Ad: Everything you need to know about Bi-Lo Weekly Specials


The weekly Bi-Lo Ad comes out every week on Wednesday and lasts until Tuesday of the next week.  Within the ad you’ll find lots of money saving specials including BOGO’s, Meal Deals, Fuelperks, eCoupons and Instant Savings promotions, in addition to the regular weekly sales.

Here’s what you need to know to help you find the best deals each week:


Bi-Lo Bonuscard:

First of al l- you’ll need to sign up for the Bi-Lo Bonus Card in order to get the sale prices and other specials listed in the weekly ad.  You can sign up for your Bi-Lo Bonuscard HERE!   Just present your Bi-Lo Bonus Card at checkout and watch your total drop.


Buy One Get One Free:

Every week Bi-Lo has many items on sale for Buy One Get One Free.  You don’t have to buy two items to get this special price – buying just one item will essentially make it half price.



Earn incredible gas savings every time you shop with your My BI-LO BONUSCARD®.  Each Bi-Lo Weekly Ad will feature certain items that will earn you Fuelperks – which you can save up and use at the pump for $$ off per gallon.  If you have $.10 Fuelperks, you will get $.10 off a gas purchase of up to 20 gallons.  Essentially saving you up to $2 at the pump.




Bi-Lo Meal Deals:

Look for Meal Deals in your weekly ad to save big on a meal for your family.  Buy the Meal Deal item and get additional items for FREE!  You can even use coupons on the Meal Deal item – but not on the “free” additional items (in most cases).


Bi-Lo Instant Savings Promotions:

Occasionally the Bi-Lo Ad will offer instant savings at the register when you buy a certain number of select products in one transaction.  You can use coupons on these as well for great deals!



Price-Lock deals are good for 8 weeks.  Visit your local BI-LO and use your My BI-LO BONUSCARD® to save thousands of Price Lock deals. Price Lock products are easy to find. Just look for the Price Lock tags on every aisle. Each Price Lock tag has its own start and end date.


Double Coupons:

Bi-Lo doubles manufacturer coupons up to $.60 every day.  If a coupon says “Do not double” – it will usually not be doubled at checkout.  You can double up to *10* like coupons per transaction.  Competitor coupons do not double.


Sign up for a account using your My BI-LO BONUSCARD® account number. Then, you can browse or search our complete library of current e-coupons from the national brands you love.  These ecoupons will work alongside other paper coupons for extra savings!


Dollar Deals:

Occasionally Bi-Lo will run a special on certain items – called Dollar Deals.  These aren’t always a great deal at $1 – so use your best judgement there :)


Bi-Lo Our Brands Challenge:

While not listed in the weekly ad – the Bi-Lo Our Brands Challenge can be viewed online at  Every month they offer new chances to try Bi-Lo brands. Just log in your account and print the latest coupon for the Our Brands Challenge. Be sure to use your My BI-LO BONUSCARD® at checkout to redeem your free samples.

For instance – the current freebies at the time of this posting are:

Expires: 4/18/2013 Southern Home Creamy Peanut Butter – 18oz
Expires: 4/18/2013 Southern Home Regular Spaghetti – 16 oz
Expires: 4/18/2013 Topcare Pain Relief Ibuprofen – 50ct.

Shopping at Bi-Lo is a wonderful way to save money if you just know what to look for – and make sure you bring those coupons!  Check out all the great deals in this week’s Bi-Lo Ad.

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