Bi-Lo Ad & Coupon Deals: 5/25 – 5/31 (Awesome Week!)

This is a really good week at Bi-Lo, especially if you need grillin’ supplies!!  You can pick up a Memorial Day meal (including plates and charcoal) for a family of 4 for just…  $7.35!  Check it out:

4 Ears Fresh Corn – $1
BallPark Buns – $.24
Bar-S Franks  – $.49
Lay’s Chips – $1.99
Chinet Plates – $.54
SH Charcoal – $3.09

Shopping Tips:
- Bi-Lo Doubles coupons with a face value of up to $.60.  However, if it says “Do Not Double,” your cashier may not double it.
- Some Bi-Lo’s take a limited number of competitor coupons as well – check with your store for details.
- Check out the “Our Brands Challenge Coupons” HERE
- You can print this list! Just click the boxes of items you want – a list will pop up on the bottom right that you can print when you’re done!

This List Has Expired
Meal Deal:
Meat & Produce:
Best BOGO Grocery:
Best BOGO Household:
Unilever Fuelperks Promo:
Other Good Deals:


  1. Bargain Addicts says

    If anyone has the coupon for free sweet potato fries from Ore-Ida (facebook offer), it is included on the meal deal. Free sweet potato fries with the meal already included and then takes the $3.69 off for your coupon, making the whole meal deal $6.29.

    • Jamie says

      If it starts with a 5 – it will automatically double. However (see the top where it says Bi-Lo Shopping Tips) – your cashier is free to “undouble” it if it says “Do Not Double”

  2. Jamie says

    Thanks Mary! Family Dollar always has something in their books that matches up to the Bi-Lo ads, I love that place!

  3. Starr says


    • Jamie says

      Jennie – I’m so glad you asked! They are the Bi-Lo that STARTED the competitor coupon acceptance!! They’re very very awesome, as long as you don’t try to go over 3 competitor coupons a day :)

  4. Bargain Addicts says

    Can you use the Helman’s or Vlassic Q with the $1 off Helman’s and Vlassic Q since you are buying 2 items or is the $1 off Helmans and Vlassic attached to both so you can only use that one?

  5. mary g says

    These deals will be at the ooltewah super bilo. They always are the same.

    If your store takes family dollar coupons, there is a .25 off French s mustard printable. Stacks and makes a better deal….

  6. Josue says

    What page is $1 off Vlassic+ Hellmans in the MAY ALL YOU MAGAZINE…. I can’t seem to find it =(

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