Bi-Lo Ad & Coupon Deals: 5/18 – 5/24

Here are the best deals to grab at Bi-Lo this week!  I’m loving the super-cheap Lance Crackers, those are perfect for taking to the pool or park this summer!!  I’ll have a couple (but really, there aren’t many) more household deals to put up this afternoon, so stay tuned!

Shopping Tips:
- Bi-Lo Doubles coupons with a face value of up to $.60.  However, if it says “Do Not Double,” your cashier may not double it.
- Some Bi-Lo’s take a limited number of competitor coupons as well – check with your store for details.
- Bi-Lo has Buy Theirs ~ Get Ours Free coupons on their site, you must login to see them!
- You can print this list! Just click the boxes of items you want – a list will pop up on the bottom right!When you’re done, just click PRINT LIST.

This List Has Expired
Meal Deal:
Best Meat & Produce:
Best BOGO Grocery:
Other Grocery Deals:
Frito-Lay Promo:
Deli Deal:
Best Household Deals:


  1. Alicia says

    I watch your site like an Eagle on Tuesdays cause you post Bilo’s ad! I love my Chatsworth Bilo! They are the best. I hardly go anywhere else. I am thinking though that I will have to haunt Ingles to get the free Nestle candy bars though. I did not want to clean the shelves at Bilo the other week so I have more q’s left to use up. Hey, we need a good shopping list for a picnic…….If anyone out there has on would love to see it. My family and a few friends are planning a burger cookout and I want to do something different (using my coupons of course). Thanks so much!! O and FREE Ivory soap at Walmart. 3pk on sale for .99… We have $1/1 in the May P&G.

  2. Dixie says

    There is also a $2 off any one surf in last Sunday’s paper. I ordered extra off of ebay as well!

    • Jamie says

      Darn – thanks Abbe! I wasn’t able to print anything last week, so I couldn’t tell (It just said $1 off) I’ll go change that!

  3. Jamie says

    Alicia – my manager said he could try and get me a list of the price-locks, but I have to say, I might NEVER finish a Bi-Lo list if I had those on hand!! Whew…. lots of items :)

    Paige – they’re not doing FuelPerks yet in the Chattanooga area either (where we live) – but I hear it’s coming soon. Honestly though, I really love the OYNO $$ back – it’s easier for me to calculate and use right away.

  4. Paige Covington says

    I have a question….I have seen you post about different deals where you can earn fuel perks I live in N.GA Catoosa County and I ahve asked my local BiLo when they are going to start this and they told be by the end of April but that has come and gone so I was curious if this is a program they have started in your area already and maybe if you had any more info on when it will become a more prominent thing in other areas thanks so much!!!!!

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