Bi-Lo Ad & Coupon Deals: 2/20 – 2/26 (Cheap Keebler, Friskies, Diet Pepsi & more!)

New Bi-Lo Picture

Here are your best bets for Bi-Lo on the week of 2/20-2/26! There is a huge sale on Keebler Crackers and Cookies this week! You can also grab some cheap Stouffer’s Meals, Friskies, Diet Pepsi, Scotties Tissues, Smart Ones and much more!

There’s also a HUGE list of Fuelperks items – with each item receiving it’s own little Fuelperks award.  We’ve listed the best ones below in the Fuelperks Section.


  • Bi-Lo now uses eCoupons and Fuelperks, see our post about it HERE
  • Also, Bi-Lo now accepts competitor coupons in addition to manufacturer coupons – see their new policy HERE

More Shopping Tips:

  • Bi-Lo doubles coupons up to $.60 (So $1.20) – but does not give overage
  • Watch our video on FrugalTV - showing you how to shop at Bi-Lo!

Meal Deal:
Best Meat & Produce:
BOGO Grocery:
BOGO Household:
Best Fuelperks:
Other Good Deals:


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