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Bi-Lo: 6/8 Weekly Ad & Coupon Deals {$.99 Doubles Week!}

UPDATE: There is a “Long Ad” and a “Short Ad” this week. However – those who received a shorter ad are reporting that all the BOGO’s from the “Long Ad” are still ringing up for BOGO prices at their stores! That means – even if the shelf doesn’t have a BOGO tag for the items on this list – CHECK ‘EM Anyway!

Whew!  Okay guys – the weekly ad for 6/8 is a HUGE list of BOGO’s!!  There are TONS of BOGO produce, and the Springer Mtn Farms Chicken & London Broil meat prices are great – so stock up on those things while you can!

This week there is a misprint in the wraparound sheet on the weekly ad, reading that Bi-Lo Doubles Coupons up to $.99.  (See the post HERE) Even though Southern stores usually only doubles up to $.60, they will be honoring the $.99 Doubles for THIS WEEK ONLY! Please be patient & kind while shopping this week – as Bi-Lo cash registers will be reprogrammed to automatically double these coupons, and it might be rough going at first :)

If you see any deals I missed – please leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list!

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This List Has Expired
Grocery BOGO Deals:
Meat & Produce Deals
Bi-Lo Meal Deal:
Other Grocery Deals:
Kelloggs/Keebler Promo:
Household Deals:

- Thanks to IHeartBilo for the sneak peek (my ad was missing a page!)


  1. Ashley Huhn says:

    I don’t see the Suddenly Salad coupons. What zip code are you using?
    What is a Blinkie?

  2. Dalton Bi-Lo manager says:

    As this ad draws to a close, I want to say THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers. All of you were very polite and understanding as we tried to keep up with what you were buying, and I’m telling you, it was very hard to do. I am very proud to work for a company that stepped up and honored this ad. I look forward to seeing all of you again very soon, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to make things better in your Dalton Bi-Lo.

  3. I just came across this website and want to say THANK YOU!!! I just shopped at Bi-Lo using all the deals you shared and saved big time. The Springer Mountain Farms chicken breast were wapped together but I was able to use 2 coupons for each package. My coupons doubled, I got the Bounty napkins free and more! Thanks again!!

  4. The Bi-LO on Hixson Pike is doubling their coupons up to 99 cents. I went last night.

  5. I was told by a manager in the Ooltewah, TN store that the Chattanooga newspaper was a misprint to include coupons doubling up to $.99 so I’m assuming that most other areas are NOT going to honor this and he also said that they left out the middle page of the ad. I think this must be the “short ad” that some areas did get.
    Ooltewah is honoring the 99 cents doubling and they WILL take 2 springer mtn. coupons for a one pack of 2 chickens wrapped together. I got my package of $16 worth of chicken (priced at $8.05 bogo) with 2 coupons ($3.00 off) for $5.05. Can’t beat that
    Hope this helps some of the questions asked. :-)

  6. Christine says:

    Went to the Signal Mtn store yesterday. They didn’t have some of the BOGO deals posted but they did ring up half price (Ragu and Wishbone were the 2 I tried). Customer service said that they didn’t get the tags in until yesterday afternoon so they didn’t get a chance to put them out yet. A couple things I got not listed above:

    Uncle Ben’s whole grain white rice- 1.99 (not on sale), used a .75/1 I printed off their website= .49

    Smart Water- 1 liter bottles are 1.00-.75 q(double to 1.00, no overage)= FREE

    Bounty Napkins (small package) 1.00, used 1.00/any bounty napkins from P&G= FREE

    Found some mushrooms that were BOGO (don’t remember seeing that in the ad) and they had the 1.00 store Q on them b/c the date was 6/10, made them like .38!!

    I got Glad trash bags- 7.99, used .75/1 and 1.00(from walgreens coupon book)= 5.49 (not great but I needed them)

    Also, they accepted the coupon from Earthfare for 5 free ears of corn !

    One more thing, I asked them about the Springer Mountain Farms chicken. They said at customer service that they would take 2 coupons. When I got to the register I told the cashier that and she said that it would take it (and implied that the system recognized that 2 packages were being purchased). Both coupons scanned with no beeps!!

    Hope this helps someone!

  7. crystal says:

    I love to save money:) thanks for your help!!!

  8. I’m so excited! Thank you Chantal. Do you have any more different match ups?

  9. chantal cooper says:

    ok… I saw the smuckers toppings on price lock last week so i wrote it all down….

    the jars are on PL for $1.79 ( hot fudge , caramel, etc.)
    the smuckers shell is on PL for 1.89
    the sundae syrup is 2.79

    I have found little booklets that have coupons for 1.25 off 2 and also b3g1…
    i also checked my binder and found a .55/1 coupon…( not sure which week this was from..)

    deal idea….
    if you have the .55/1 coupon . it will double making the jars only .69 each which is AWESOME!
    the shell would be .79 each and the syrups would be 1.69

    if you dont have the .55/1 coupon but found the booklets.. you get a better deal using the 1.25 off 2 coupon than you would using the b3g1 coupon..
    the jars would look like this… 1.79+1.79 is 3.58 -1.25 coupon is 2.33
    so 2.33 for 2 of them or 4.66 for 4 of them ( using 2 of the 1.25/2 coupons)

    again the .55/1 coupons give you a way better deal if you have them but if not the 1.25/2 coupon still isnt a bad deal…
    i have a few extra of the 1.25/2 coupons is anyone wants them…. and also some of the b3g1 …

  10. Carolyn- I used a mt olive blinkie last week at bilo in harrison and it did double…

  11. Jennifer says:

    Crest toothpaste is on price lock for $1.99 use the $0.75 coupon from 6/5 P&G makes it $0.49 also!

  12. I just spoke to the Bilo in Dayton, TN, and they ARE honoring the doubling of coupons up to 99 cents this week :)

  13. The store in Augusta GA is not doing the extra doublilng either. Only .60 as usual. I’m bummed..

  14. Just a heads up for the Cleveland, TN area. I went to Bi-Lo this morning to get the Smart Balance milk and Allen’s veggies. They are not BOGOF in this area. The milk is marked full price at 3.99 and the veggies are also full price. I am thinking that the ad that we received, that is short of the other BOGOF items, is the one valid fo our area. Sad ending to what could have been a really good week.

  15. Price Lock on VAN CAMPS Pork and Beans $.58 cents…. Use $1.00 off coupon on Four from ALL YOU (June Issue) makes them $.28 each

  16. at bi-lo can you use 2 coupons for a b1g1 sale?

  17. Bradley says:

    Do we know for sure that both Cleveland Stores are doubling up to the .99 cents

  18. Bradley says:

    Do we know if both Cleveland Bi-Lo’s are doing the .99cent doubling? I normally shop the one on McGrady.

  19. Jamie, are you sure that Chattanooga has all those bogo’s? The on-line ad doesn’t show the Super Sale that the other regions are having. I sure hope the on-line ad is missing a page as well.

  20. Doe anyone know if this is suppose to be ALL Bilo’s because I live in Beaufort SC and just called and they said thier ad still says the reg. .60.
    can anyone give me some info please ?????

  21. also saw somewhere that Cheerwine 12pk Cans for 2.99.. There was a .75/1 coupon from RP 5/15 insert. So 1.49 after coupon.

  22. there is a .50 of 2 Banquest frozen meal…would this work for the value meals? Not really sure what a value meal There is also a .60 off morton Season that I found a few days ago online.

  23. Old Wisconsin too. Not available :(

  24. Jennie Do you have another site for the stella cheese or the scotties tissues? Both say they have reached limit. I am a cheese lover and I am totally heart broken!

  25. I just found a Target printable for 1.00/2 Lipton tea items. Could this be combined with the manu .40/1 coupon from the RP to make it only .47 each?

  26. Is the peter pan PB 2 per transaction or 2 per Bonus Card? Would love to get a few more of these even though I’m a JIF and Skippy girl. lol

    • Amora – check with your Bi-Lo store. I know it’s not tied to your Bonus Card, but your store might limit it to 2 per visit.

  27. Carolyn – it’s YMMV. If the blinkie starts with a “9″ it won’t double, even if it’s .50/1.

  28. On the BOGO Chicken, can we use 2 qs? They are usually wrapped in one pack.

    • The Springer Mountain farms BOGO’s were NOT wrapped together last time they did this – which is why I’m so very excited about using this coupon! Oh I wish I had a freezer…..

  29. Carolyn says:

    Question – my Mt. Olive .50/1 says “coupon not subject to doubling”. Will this be a problem?

  30. Bounty napkins on price lock for $1 till 7/10. Use $1 off any bounty napkin from 6/5 p&g..makes it FREE!

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