Bi-Lo 6/8 Weekly Ad: Extra Deals & 3-Day Sale

Woohoo!  It looks like most of you are reporting from the field that your Bi-Lo is both doubling up to $.99 for the rest of this ad, and that the full list of BOGO’s posted HERE is ringing up correctly (although in many cases is not marked as such).

Make sure to print both the 6/8 weekly ad deals in the printable list format HERE - and then print this list to take with you as well! (Just copy/paste into a word document)

We’ve heard lots of great reports from the aisles – here are the tips we’ve gotten from YOU awesome readers!!


Beech-Nut Steamies $2
Use $.75/1 PRINT
(makes it $.50!)

Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings – $1.79 (Jar), $1.89 (shell), $2.79 (Syrup)
Use $.55/1 from 5/15 RP
Use 1.25/2 or B3G1 Free from booklets found in stores
(makes the Jar topping just $.69, if you only have the $.55 coupon)

French’s Worcestershire Sauce $1.79
Use $.75/1 from 5/15 SS
(makes it $.29)

Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain White Rice $1.99
Use a $.75/1 Printable
(makes it $.49)

Swiss Miss Sweet Tea $2
Use $.75/1 from 5/22 SS
(makes it $.49)

Voskos Greek Yogurt $1
Use $.75/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE)

Smart Water- 1 liter bottles are $1
Use $0.75/1 Tearpad Coupon
(makes it FREE)

Bounty Napkins (small package) $1
Use $1/1 from 6/5 P&G
(makes it FREE)

Silk Milks $2.99 – $3.19
Use $.75/1 PRINT
(makes it as low as $1.49)

Buy (4) Dannon Multi-Packs + 1 Gallon of Milk ~ Get $3.79 OYNO
Dannon Multipacks are about $2.49 each
Use $.50/1 or $1/1 from 6/5 SS
Pay about $6 + Milk Price ~ Get $3.79 OYNO
(makes them about $.59 per pack, plus cost of milk) *Use Smart Balance for milk purchase?


  • Mushrooms were BOGO *Not marked in the ad
  • Used Earthfare Coupon for 5 free ears of corn! *This depends on your Bi-Lo, 100%


Springer Mountain Chicken BOGO
Use (2) $1.50/1 Coupons from the 5/22 SS
(makes it very cheap!)

From Christine: I asked them about the Springer Mountain Farms chicken. They said at customer service that they would take 2 coupons. When I got to the register I told the cashier that and she said that it would take it (and implied that the system recognized that 2 packages were being purchased). Both coupons scanned with no beeps!!


Snuggle 40 Ct Dryer Sheets $2.39
Use $.75/1 from 6/5 P&G
(makes it $.89)

Crest Toothpaste $1.99
Use $.75/1 from 6/5 P&G
(makes it $.49)

Glad trash bags $7.99
Use  $.75/1 from
Stack with $1/1 from walgreens coupon book *If allowed
(makes it $5.49) (not great but I needed them)

3-Day Ad (Friday – Sunday)

(coming later today!)


  1. Angie says

    the chicken was not bogo at the Rossville store either and the meat manager had no ideal what I was talking about. I had the ad from inside the paper and showed it to him and he took two packs and wrapped them together and put a bogo sticker on it.

  2. jill says

    I used the b2go crunch bar coupon and 1 save 50/2 coupons at bilo they were .99 each. When she put in the free amount of the candy bar it double making all three of them freee.

  3. grace says

    I bought it and it was not BOGO and they were not put together, they were individually wrapped and had reduced prices. Since it was not in the ad, there is no way of asking if this is an error. With my coupon it came to $2 for the package so maybe that is not too bad

    • Jamie says

      Grace – if they ended up at $2 a pack, I’m guessing they reduced each pack to half off (same thing as BOGO) since they didn’t have them packaged together in time for the sale. This extra list of BOGO’s took most of our stores by surprise, so they had to get “creative” :)

    • Jamie says

      Grace – try scanning it – many stores HAVE NOT MARKED many of the BOGO’s, because they didn’t receive it in their printed ad.

  4. Tina says

    I bought the Glad trash bags too because I needed them. There is a $1.00 off coupon (I think) on the estar coupon site so I should get a $1.00 credit with them and I used a $1.00 of trash bag Bi-Lo coupon. That makes them $4.49, which is still not great but a little better!

  5. Natalie says

    I bought some of the crest toothpastes and wanted people to be on the look out for the bonus pack ones. They had a bonus package of toothpaste, floss, and $10 worth of coupons!

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