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Crayola Beginnings, Color Me a Song  

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Product Description

CRAYOLA-Color Me A Song. A Musical Coloring Experience! Crayola Beginnings presents Color Me a Song; a unique musical activity for your toddler. Color Me a Song lets kids create their own original music just by scribbling! Give your tot one of the 8 Triangular Crayons and let the fun begin! Color fast and the tempo increases. Slow it down and the tempo slows. Choose up to 4 fun instruments to layer onto the beat for oodles of tuneful doodles.

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HappyFeet Two Freezing Frenzy Only $5.99!!

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Product Description

It’s the frantic action game where Erik send ice cubes popping out all over! Turn him on and he jumps and moves around the game base, kicking out colorful ice cubes along the way. Quickly grab your color cubes and quickly try to put the other players cubes back in the base before they can grab them! the first player to get all of their cubes wins!

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Lalaloopsy Doll – Ace Fender Bender Only $11.99

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List Price:  $24.99
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Product Features

  • He’s a cool operator who sometimes has a short fuse, loves taking things apart, but not putting them back together
  • Sewn from a Mechanic’s Clothes
  • Pet Monkey
  • Articulated head, arms, and legs
  • Shoes and clothes can be removed for fashion play

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