Best Ways to Save Money on Easter Baskets & all the Fillings!

Best Ways to Save on Easter Baskets & All the Fillings on

With a little planning ahead and creativity, assembling Easter baskets doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are best ways to save money on Easter Baskets and all the fillings that can make the gift giving fun and exciting too.

First, purchase Easter baskets at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s on sale or with a 40% off coupon. That 40% off coupon is key if the item is not on sale already, as it will net you huge savings. Find something durable, then reuse it from year to year.

Do you keep a gift closet full of items you find on clearance or score for free with coupons? If so, don’t forget to scour your gift closet for possible basket fillers. Lotions, candy, travel size toiletries, etc. all make great fillers and might be waiting for you in your gift closet. Don’t forget to look!

Don’t pay full price for Easter candy. Instead, look for candy coupons in your Sunday newspaper or printable coupons, then match them with a sale. You’ll find the best deals at Drug Stores and National Retail Stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Check these retailers first and do some price comparisons.

This year, why not think of a fun themed basket? This is a great way to create an experience for the recipient and save money. Some ideas for a themed basket would include:

●       A Fun in the Sun Basket: Toss in items you’ll need this summer like a bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.  Include beach toys from the Dollar Store such as shovels and sand molds.

●       A Gardening Basket: Place fruit and vegetable seeds, little pots, small bag of dirt, a watering can, gloves, hat etc. so the recipient can get working on their green thumb! Dollar stores carry all of these products, including wind chimes and small garden décor items you can also add.

●       A Super hero or character themed Basket: Check out your local Dollar Store and Target to find fillers for this basket. My kids love Star Wars and Hello Kitty and recently Target’s Dollar Stop had tons of Star Wars and Hello Kitty items! You can find pencils, erasers, folders, and more with the particular theme and create quite a basket!

●       A Craft Basket: Perfect for the person who loves to get crafty, assemble a basket with a Paint by Number Kit, Crayons, coloring books, craft kits (check out Target’s Dollar Stop or watch for sales at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or use 40% off coupon), instructional books, and more craft related items.

As you can see, the perfect Easter basket does not need to be expensive or complex!


For more DIY gift basket ideas that go beyond the ordinary – check out our post on 13 Themed Gift Basket Ideas!

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