BEST Turkey and Ham Prices for your Feast and Wallet!

butterball turkey

Best Turkey and Ham Price Around Town

It’s the time to be thankful for all we have and for each other.  To show our thanks,  we’ve gathered up the best deals for all your Thanksgiving needs!

And – if you’re planning to do a turkey on Thanksgiving – check out our post on How To Brine a Turkey!  You might just change the way you’ve always cooked a turkey….

Best Turkey Prices:

Bi-Lo 11/26-12/2
* Bi-Lo will match any competitors Turkey Price on any Frozen Honeysuckle White Turkey (limit 2) thru 11/27
*Bi-Lo has a Thanksgiving turkey dinner meal deal for as low as $49.99!

  • $0.99/lb Butterball frozen turkey Grade A 10lbs+ (limit 2)
  • $0.79/lb  Honeysuckle white frozen turkey Grade A 10lb+ (limit 2)
  • $1.89/lb fresh Butterball turkey 10lbs + (limit 2)

Aldi: 11/26-12/2

  • $1.19/lb Butterball turkey 10-22lb
  • $8.99 kirkwood boneless turkey breast 48oz


Publix 11/26-12/2

  •  $0.69/lb Publix young turkey Grade A Frozen 10-24lbs
  • $1.09/lb Butterball frozen young turkey (limit 2)
  • $1.89/lb Butterball  fresh turkey
  • $1.69/lb fresh publix turkey


Food Lion 11/26-12/2
*Food Lion has a Thanksgiving meal deal for only $29.99!

  • $0.57/lb Grade A frozen turkey 10lbs +  *Minimum $25 Purchase – Limit 1
  • $0.99/lb Frozen Butterball turkey Grade A 10lbs +
  • $1.79/lb Frozen Turkey Breast
  • $1.69/lb Jennie O fresh turkey 10lbs +

smithfield ham

Best Ham Prices:


Aldi: 11/26-12/2

  •  $2.19/lb spiral cut double glazed brown sugar ham
  • $1.99/lb appleton farms spiral sliced half ham
  • $1.59/lb Appleton Farms half ham

Bi-Lo: 11/26-12/2
*Bi-Lo has a Thanksgiving ham dinner meal deal for $59.99!

  • $2.49/lb Smithfield spiral sliced half ham
  • BOGO @ $7.99 Hormel Cure 81 Ham (Save up to $7.99 on 2lbs)
  • $1.99/lb Smithfield smoked shank portion ham

Publix 11/26-12/2

  •  $1.89/lb Publix Premium Semi-bonesless half ham
  • $2.69/lb Publix Spiral Sliced Half Ham


FoodLion 11/26-12/2

  • $1.99/lb My essentials shank ham
  • $2.39 My essentials spiral ham
  • $2.29/lb Smithfield shank portion ham
  • $2.79/lb Smithfield spiral ham



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