Best Planting Practices: DIY Home Vegetable Garden Plan!

Vegetable Garden Plan


Every great gardener know you have to have a plan! Preparing and planting the perfect and most productive garden takes a well thought out plan. By doing so, you will make sure you are making the most of your time as well as your budget! Making a home vegetable garden plan does not need to be time or budget consuming. In fact, you can develop one quite easily. Here is how!

First, you will want to decide what kind of space you will be working with. Do you want a traditional in-ground backyard garden? A small home vegetable garden can be grown in a container or over a balcony? Perhaps you want a raised bed vegetable garden? Once you know the answers to these questions you can start laying out your plan.

A simple notebook or scratch pad is all you need to record the information you collect or ideas you want to jot down. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive.

Ready? Let’s go!

Choose your vegetables
Take advantage of your region’s typical weather patterns in designing your home vegetable garden plan. Choose plants that are native to your area.

Watch sun patterns
Watch as the sun moves in your yard to see which areas get the most light during the average the day. Then plant accordingly. Don’t forget that most vegetable garden plants require a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.

Consider climate
Understand your region’s weather patterns when you are designing your home vegetable garden plan. PLan accordingly.

Think about watering needs
Choose plants that require the amount of water you can provide. If you choose plants that need a lot of water, make a plan to water your home vegetable garden when you cannot be there.

Plant in intervals
It is more fun when you can  harvest all season. When planting your vegetable garden, follow the instructions on the individual seed packets or small plants that you purchase, just remember that some vegetables such as lettuce and corn can be planted every three weeks.

By paying attention to these variables, you can best develop a gardening plan that works for you. You will be sure to plant vegetables that prosper in your area, giving you the most bang for your buck. A home vegetable garden plan can help you best determine what plants will suit your needs and perform for you, so give one a try and see how it can make your job easier and more profitable.

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