Best Kindle Deal for Amazon Mom Members! (Up to $50 Off!)


Looking for a Kindle Deal?  Here’s a fantastic deal for all Amazon Moms out there! For a limited time, Save up to $50 on Kindles from Amazon when you use the code FIREMOMS at checkout!

*You must be both a member of Amazon Mom AND a paid member of Amazon Prime to be able to use this code:


Learn how to sign up for your FREE Amazon Mom account over HERE. It’s worth signing up even if you don’t need a Kindle (or diapers!) because it will give you free Amazon Prime (meaning free shipping) over the next 3 months.

- Thanks, PassionatePennyPincher!


Note: I’m not sure if the Kindle offer will be allowed for new members who sign up today or not, but if you find out, please leave a comment to share! The promotion looks to be valid through 12/18/12, so hopefully if you sign up today you can get the savings before the end of the offer dates.

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