Best Black Friday Laptop Deals


Best Black Friday Laptop Deals – Walmart $159 Laptop Now LIVE!

If you’re holding out for the BEST Black Friday laptop deals  - I have great news!  The Walmart deal for an Intel Celeron 15″ Laptop for $159 is now LIVE!  Here’s a rundown of the cream of the crop!  These are the deals people will be waiting in lines and running each other over with shopping carts for (No really, I hope not!).   While not all the best Black Friday laptop deals are especially cheap (Take the Macbook Pro for instance), if all you need is a good little laptop for internet browsing, homework and the like – you can spend as little as $178!


Amazon has been a fierce competitor this year in the Black Friday price wars – and laptops will be no different.  Look for them to price-match the best Black Friday laptop deals on the big day – but for now, here are some great laptop deals that are already going on.


Best Buy






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