Been There, Done That & Have the T-Shirt to Prove It.

Anyone ever feel O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-E-D?
I don’t mean just by the really BIG issues in life, it’s the little ones that surround me daily that cause the most frustration.  There are so many things I need to do that if I started making a list I think I would run away from myself.  Cleaning the kitchen, dusting the furniture, mopping floors, vacuuming, scrubbing bathrooms, washing clothes……….starting to get my drift?  Of course that’s just a couple of examples, there’s also grocery shopping, recently packing and unpacking,  making sure my kids have jeans that fit, my son’s birthday, oh and my screened-in porch has been driving me crazy for weeks, no months.  I just need to get my tail out there with a water hose and get it over with.  It’s not that I mind doing those things, in fact I look at it as a way to serve my family.   I love being a “sorta stay at home mom,” although that looks a little different now since we started Time 2 $ave, however I LOVE teaching workshops and speaking hope into peoples lives.
So if I feel good about doing it for my family, then guess how I feel when I don’t do it?  I feel like I have failed, I am a bad mom, a bad wife and then my house turns into the size of a shopping mall in my mind and I begin to feel hopeless.  I freely admit that I sound a bit dramatic but hey as girls, it’s kinda how we were created.
In the middle of this mess I remembered a title of a book called, Too Blessed for This Mess by Cindi Woods.  I have read several other books/bible studies by the same author that were fabulous The Frazzled Female: 30 Days to Finding God’s Peace in Your Daily Chaos and Victoriously Frazzled the Frazzled Female’s Guide to Restoring Her Sanity.
Without knowing what Too Blessed for This Mess is about I just decided to make that statement my theme song for that day.
(anyone remember The Ally McBeal Show with her theme songs?)

It is settled……I am officially too blessed for this mess.  That means I can’t let it overwhelm me or allow it to tell me who I am, based on what I have done or not done.  Many times God brings scripture to my mind when I am feeling especially defeated like I have been today – such as:
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13
“The LORD my God in my midst is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over me with joy; I will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.” Zephaniah 3:16

If God created me and he knew me before I was formed in my mothers womb (Psalm 139:13-16) he knew about my mess, he knew how overwhelmed it would make me feel and he knew that all those little things added together would make me feel like I was a failure.  Even more he knows that my thoughts are not true.  His ways are higher than my way,s his thoughts are higher than my thoughts.  My Mess Doesn’t Determine my Ability to be Blessed!  Last year when I started my original journey to simplify my life and clean out my home (starting with my kids playroom and the laundry room) was my worth different?  Did God value me differently?  Did he throw a huge party up in heaven to rejoice about my mess being clean?
I could just imagine God in the middle with the Holy Ghost on one side and Jesus on the other jumping up and down giving me a Woot Woot! Right?  Wrong, maybe a little high five, but not because of something I did or accomplished – instead as my Father, he understood the desire of my heart to get my home in order.  He knew the sense of accomplishment I felt.
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11″

Now the task at hand – The Home School Room!

My husband had already tackled part of the room before I took pictures
This morning I shared how I was feeling with my husband especially the internal trauma I felt from being disorganized.   So sweetly he started cleaning up our homeschool room.  (it looked like a bomb had blown up in there)  I am feeling especially anxious about getting everything in order for our new school year.  Although I intended to continue our same school schedule throughout the summer well…..not so much.  Instead our homeschool room turned into a junk room and I don’t even know where to start.
Wow!  Look at this close up of this fabulouslly organized table.
Before my husband started cleaning I suggested we pull the furiture TV’s and a couple of boxes in the garage out in the driveway so that people riding by would think we were having a garage sale.  I really really want to sell some of my furniture and we have way too many TV’s I thought we could take turns peeking outside the perfect solution instead of sitting outside all day.  I thought – hey we’ll just open the garage pull a couple of things out and maybe just maybe we could sell at least the big items. Patiently he answered, honey one bite at a time.  I really think that attempting a yard sale at the same time we are cleaning inside is too much.   I knew he was right, I always try to do to much at the same time then I get way over it and don’t want to finish.
TRANSITION HERE……Trust me it will be worth it!
For just a moment follow me we are going a bit off topic but it is still totally related.  Just so you’ll know how bad my garage is right now a couple of weeks ago I forgot to shut the garage door when I got home.  As we were getting ready to go out I noticed a car in my driveway I did not recognize.  Let me rephrase that…. the car wasn’t just in my driveway it was at the very top.  I remember thinking to myself who in the world is at my house and where are they?  I checked my front porch, nope empty.  Anyone in the front yard? No one.  Surely not the backyard, right?  Then I noticed………..


I had forgotten to close the garage door when I got home.  I’m pretty much freaked out at this point because there were strangers in my garage and my active imagination assured me they most certainly were burglars about to come in my house. Why else would they have parked so close there had to be some kind of scary motive here, perhaps a fast getaway.   I carefully walked around the corner as to peep out the window at the top of my door leading out to the garage so I could assess the situation.  Wait, should I have grabbed a weapon, baseball bat, pepper spray, golf club, SOMETHING before playing mommy detective?
NO!  You have got to be kidding me. Oh Dear please say not this is embarrasing………..they stopped because they thought
I was having a G A R A G E   S A L E!!!
A man and his daughter were walking around my garage sorting through our pile of stuff.  When I say stuff I mean a lot, not only the remnants of my last yard sale but also the extras my friend didn’t sell.  Add two TV’s an entertainment center and of course stuff for the business and I had myself a fully stocked garage just waiting for a sale to happen.  How in the world was I going to handle this, I mean my heart was still beating a thousand times a minute as I recovered from what I thought was going to be a knock down drag out with a burglar in my garage.  So what did I do?  I stopped took a couple of deep breaths to slow down my heart and decided I was at a crossroads.  I could go outside and kindly tell my visitors that we weren’t having a garage sale it was just a mess.  In fact, we were just in recovery mode from a recent yard sale.   For good measure as he walked away I could mention checking back in a couple of weeks because we were likely to have another one.
Wait should I just send him off just like that?  If you know me you know that my wheels were already starting to spin in the back of my head………..(Imagine this song in your head should he stay or should he go)
Of course he should stay!   I put on my biggest smile opened the door and walked outside to kindly greet this precious man and daughter and thank them for stopping by my garage sale.  I told them I’d be glad to answer any questions they had and be willing to negotiate the price of any item they were serious about purchasing.   Even better I can ask my kids to bring out our freshly made pitcher of Lemonade and offer to pour them a refreshing drink.  I didn’t want them to overheat I wanted them to be comfortable so they would stay longer and look.  This kind man had a fantastic idea!  Of course it looked like we were having a yard sale,  I didn’t want to be the one to let him down?  Besides I wasn’t about to walk way from the possibility of selling some of the stuff.
Then, my excitement went straight down the drain when he looked at me and said, “No hable English,” as he pointed to my daughters favorite bike one of the ONLY things in the garage not for sale.  In very broken English with the help of his daughter he asked the price of her bike?  I had lots of other things he could purchase, but not the bike was not for sale.
So what in the world does all that have to do with what I am going to show you next?  Not much, it’s just how my mind works, I thought you might enjoy a little journey.  Just kidding… I was thinking this morning about everything I needed to do, all the closets that needed organizing, and every room decluttered again – you remember the mess in the homeschool room right?   I began to fight agaisnt those negative thoughts about myself.  So when I saw this deal I checked it out purely because I forgot what I was supposed to be doing.  Once I saw the free Tshirt offer and one of the templates my creativity started to stir.  I had to make myself one.
I made myself a Tshirt to remind myself…………….  Galatians 6:9 ” I will not grow weary in well doing, at the proper time I will reap a harvest if I faint not.”  So, next time I get overwhelmed or discouraged about everything that is screaming my name I am going to remind myself…I will not grow weary.  Every time I see the same toy on the floor that my kids have already put away and gotten back out for the tenth time today I am going to remind myself…….I will not grow weary.  Everytime I clean up a mess that I have cleaned up every day for the past week I will remind myself……….I will not grow weary.  Every time my coupons get unorganized and look like a gerbil has used them for a home I am going to remind myself………I will not grow weary.
Because in all reality – I will continue doing the same tasks over and over for the rest of my life as long as I am capable.  I don’t want the alternative - if I was unable to do so would mean something has happened that affected my health or mobility.  The fact that I can still clean my house, wash clothes,  help my children clean their room, cook dinner, homeschool my kids, organize messy closets, scrub bathrooms and sometimes mop the floor means that I am alive and that I am blessed to have a family to care for.
Each of us are human, and sometimes the worries of this world can take over our minds and threaten to steal our peace.  I hope that by my sharing my embarrassing story, pictures of my home and garage in a wreck that you feel better about yours.
If you’d like to step by step directions to order a shirt just like mine, click more.  It’s a little lengthy, but I tried to break it down to make it super easy.

Step by Step Directions – How to Order Your Free Shirt

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Here’s the skinny:
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  • There are 6 pages of templates -scroll through to find the one you want.
  • If you want a T-Shirt like mine click the #5
  • Once you’ve picked out your shirt click the template
  • Now change the wording – look for “change the text the the left of the shirt”
  • Company Name – Changed to Reminding Myself…..
  • Changed the Phone/Other to Galatians 6:9
  • Under Personal Message – I changed to the scripture
  • Then – to delete the web/other and address line place curse on the lines in the side bar and click delete.
  • Now click the box under the shirt to approve go to next screen
  • Choose blank back side
  • It asked me to log in at this point
  • Select Size - then it goes to shipping click the slow for the $4.41 shipping
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See Screen Shot Below: hopefully it will help.


1 FREE Customized T-Shirt! The T-Shirt is FREE, just pay for Shipping and Processing! Click Here.

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Anyone relate?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  Did my burglar story make you feel better about your house?  Or maybe it shocked you as it did my mother that I would actually post pictures of my mess;)  Sorry mom…..
Leave a comment and share your story.  It makes being Too Blessed for This Mess more fun when we share.


  1. says

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s so exciting and refreshing to hear how much enjoy our blog. You will quickly find that it’s not just about getting a deal to us, it’s making a difference. That is our true mission beyond helping bring hope into peoples finances.

    Time 2 $ave + Time 2 Give = Time 4 Hope

  2. Angie says

    Ok I just stumbled on to your site. Saw it through Hip2Save. I have not checked out any of the other stuff yet. I was enjoying the fellowship and wanted to say thank you for your positive and thoughtful post. I am a Christian and you don’t find many people who will openly pray for someone now a days on coupon sites. I am a new couponer, but I think I will now make your site my favorite to visit. Not only “looking” for deals but also for the spiritual thoughts as well.

  3. says

    Being a mom is definitely overwhelming! I read your earlier comment to Alisha about praying when upset with your hubby and it reminded me of a comment my aunt told me-Instead of talking to your husband about God, talk to God about your husband. It works!

  4. says

    Alisha – I will pray for you and your husband. God is a big God and he cares about how you feel. Ask God to open your husbands eyes to your needs…..and be patient and not grow weary while you wait. It is during the waiting that we can hear God’s voice the loudest. Waiting for God to move on our behalf teaches us to depend on him and softens our heart to hear his voice. God will give you an extra portion of strength and endurance as you carry the load. He promises in his word that he will give strength to the weary. The difficulty during the waiting is not allowing your heart to grow bitter or angry towards your husband. I am saying that in full honesty because I have been there. That is where I learned that praying for what I considered the “little things,” like when my husband is getting on my everlast nerve watching a football game when I haven’t sat down in three days. I know no one else has had those thoughts right? When I started praying about it when I walked by him instead of biting a hole through my lip and uttering under my breath I wish he would get off his tail does he not see me, instead I began to pray that he would see the needs of my heart and that God would remind me to pray for him when I wanted to say something I know I shouldn’t say. After a while I realized that instead of getting angry or anxious about it, I began to pray instead. As I did that little by little my husband began to see a change in my heart because my focus had changed. Little did I know that by asking God to meet this need in my life my husband was noticing something different about me. God used that to prick his heart and he began to change. It has been years now and my husband continues to help me. Is our life or marriage perfect? No. Neither of us are and there are so many times when I don’t follow my own advice so in saying this it is a reminder to myself as well. Life will always be a journey – there will always be seasons that are difficult and feel unbearable at times however there is a promise……..if you will not grow weary in well doing you will reap a Harvest if you faint not:)

    Many Blessings,


  5. says

    Ya’ll are so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so glad that it encouraged you. That is our hearts desire to bring more to your day than just deals, although we know you want to save money. We also want to be REAL with you so that you feel like you have a safe to ask for prayer if you are struggeling, or just to vent sometimes. I am so blessed and humbled that each of you come to our site – we may not know each other personally however you are the reason why I love what I do so much.
    Thank you again! Your comments blessed my heart more than I can express.

    Many BLessings,

  6. April says

    Very entertaining story :-) I have to remind myself alot of times that the housework will always be there and wait for me but my child will grow up. I am so bad about thinking it all has to be done and i miss out on valuable quality time with my child. Thank you for sharing your story for now I know I am not alone!

  7. Alisha says

    What an encouraging story! I find myself feeling the way that you just described more than not. I too have been reminded by your post how wonderfully blessed I am to have a family to care for and the physical ability to do so. And how sweet of your husband to help you like that, now that’s where mine needs the work….I pray one day that he will recognize my time of need as I do his. Thank you.

  8. Abbe says

    I was just curious how you were able to get this T-shirt for free…did you have a coupon code…I’ve never ordered from Vistaprint and I’m not sure how to get a shirt for free…it shows $6.36, Thanks for the encouragment!!

  9. Kaye says

    I was just telling someone earlier today today that I felt this way. Thanks for the reminder that even through the life’s storms, I am very blessed indeed!

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