Bedtime kerfluffle…. whew I’m tired!

FYI – I have never had the chance to use the word kerflufffle – and I just decided tonight is the night!  You’re welcome :)

Hey guys – Jamie here!  Do you ever have those nights putting your kiddos to bed when you go back and forth from room to room putting them down over and over?  It was one of those nights for me tonight – and I was so exhausted already.  I mean – this is how tired I was – when my little one was going #2 in my bathroom, I laid down on the bed to wait, knowing he’d need help wiping.  A minute later I woke up face down in my blanket when he started yelling “Mo-om!”

That kind of tired.

So I was putting the boys to bed, and my 12 and 5 year old are in one room in bunk beds, and my 10 and 7 year old are in the neighboring room in bunk beds.  And between praying with all of them, searching for Chika-chika-Boom-Boom, NOT finding Chika-Chika-Boom-Boom and the heartbreak that caused (NO – he did NOT want to hear Llama Llama Red Pajama!), Caden being scared of the empty shelf next to his bed, Addie being scared of the everything in the whole world, James finding a small injury to complain about right before bed (always.  every time.), Thatcher getting his feelings hurt over a library book scuffle and me shouting a few times “Get back in YOUR room!” – it was about a 2-hour-long process.

At the end of it, once everyone was safely in bed for the 18th time, I started walking tentatively away down the hallway (YES!)… Down the steps (God bless America!)…  to pick up my laptop off the couch (al—most—-there—)  And the door opened.  It was scared of the empty shelf child.

In the end, I had to finaly agree to let my 10 yr old sleep with my 7 yr old (they’d been begging for that from the beginning anyway).  And when I peeked in at my 12 and 5 yr olds, I found 12 yr old in the top bunk with 5 yr old giggling at the school yearbook and passing along sage advice about his new Kindergarten teacher.  I pretended I didn’t see that and just kept moving.  Pick your battles and all that.

Here’s the thing – when I plunk down in my chair finally  – harried to within an inch of my life – I have to admit to myself that if these are my problems, then I’m doing pretty good.  I mean, yeah – I’m exhausted and I’m kind of OVER my kids at this point in the day – but as so many older ladies have told me – I need to treasure these moments.   But senoritas, I’m also here to tell you that it is danged hard for me to be patient in the here and now through those day to day struggles over stuff like changing your underwear (I found out tonight that someone wore theirs for 5 days – I’m not saying who…)

So here’s my question – how do you deal with “present” mom trials with “future” mom wisdom?  What really tries your patience with your little ones?  Any little pieces of advice or scripture you turn to most often?  I’d love to hear it!


  1. sara says

    I love your post because I now know that someone else shares my pain.. Sounds so much like my evenings. Last night, it was not getting them ALL to the bed, it was getting them all to the table for dinner. Finally I just broke down into a fit and my husband came running to the rescue.. I would get one toddler to his HC and by the time I could find his twin sister somewhere in the house with the other 2 kids, my son had escaped and was off hiding somewhere else.. I finally said… “you all get to eat cold food tonight… I am D-O-N-E, done. Thanks for the post :)

    • Jamie says

      Sara – you’re welcome! I am right there with you on the dinner time struggle – it was the WORST time of the day for me a couple years back. It seems like the kids are always so tired by dinnertime that they’re trying to sneak off and fall asleep, which means they’re super-grouchy at the table. Plus, I don’t know about your kids, but mine are super picky eaters – there is always somebody unhappy with some part of the meal!

  2. Kelli Doyle says

    Oh wow, your nights sound like mine! The most frustrating part of my day is definately bedtime well really night time in general. I have a 12, 3, and 1 yr old and they don’t like to sleep. We have a pretty good routine at night but we just recently put our 3 yr old in her own bed and she does pretty well for the most part, she even started going to sleep by herself at night until 1 day she decided that shes scared and needs me to pat her to sleep! So I spend what seems like forever putting her to sleep and all is good. My 1 yr old goes to sleep well and so does my 12 yr old but here is where the problems begin. Every night as I lay down totally exhausted from my long day with my 3 kids plus the 1 yr old and 4 month old that I babysit, my 1 yr old wakes up!!! This doesn’t happen occasionally, it happens EVERY night no matter when I go to bed. I get up, hold her for a few minutes then she’s back asleep, great right? No, at 2:30 she wakes up once again, only this time she’s yelling mommy as loud as she can, I go quickly to get her, pick her up, take her to rock her and as soon as she is back asleep guess who comes running at full speed into my arms? That’s right my 3 yr old!!!! Really, is this happening right now, so by the time I get everybody back to sleep, it’s 3:30 or 4 am and by this point I am feeling every emotion possible, mad, sad, stressed, and most of all EXHAUSTED!!!! Then at 7am my alarm is ringing in my ear and I jump as fast as I can to turn it off before it wakes up my 3 yr old, who has snuck in the bed with me at some point, whew whatta night. I do enjoy my babies and I am trying to enjoy the moment because I know they grow up so fast, but I haven’t had a whole night of sleep in 3 yrs and this is my most frustrating time with my babies. Did I mention that my 12 yr old hates school and when I get him up at 7am and I’m totally exhausted from no sleep, he is making up some story as to why he shouldn’t go to school (my throat hurts, my stomach hurts, etc…) I firmly tell him he has to go and then he cries all the way to school. As he is getting out of the car, I try to explain to him that he is in 7th grade and he cannot go into class crying!!! Ok so I could talk about this all night so I will just end it here. Thanks for letting me vent lol. Being a stay at home mom is harder than I ever thought it would be and I rarely get a chance to share my feelings with anyone! Goodnight and God bless everyone.

    • Jamie says

      Oh Kelli – I SO know what you are going through. Although mine are tough at this age, a few years back, when they were 1, 3, 5, and 7 – it was even worse. I still wake up with a child in bed with me most mornings – and although I looooove the snuggles (Truly I do!) it makes you wonder if you’ll ever get a good night sleep without a kid in bed with you!

      I’ll be praying for you this week – that you will be refreshed, that you will have enough sleep to rejuvenate and feel that sanity ebbing back into your life, and that your 12 yr old will grow happier with his school. I can only imagine that you are at the end of your rope – thank heavens God is at the other end holding our heads above water!

      • Kelli Doyle says

        Thank you Jamie, your prayers are greatly appreciated and it makes me feel better just talking to someone who actually knows what it feels like. I have to say, my 1 yr old has slept thru the night 3 nights in a row this week and I wake up in a panic thinking that something is wrong because she didn’t wake up. Thank you again and I will keep you in my prayers also.

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