Beat the Rush at Drugstores! (Tips & Tricks)

Or in this case- How To Wait It Out.

There’s nothing like staying up late on a Saturday night, dodging family members, just to frantically plan out an “Amazing Drugstore Deal” that’s supposed to happen the next morning…..only to squeal into the parking lot right after church and discover the shelf has been cleared already!!

So then, you spend the kids’ afternoon naptime (a precious commodity!) driving around town and hitting up all the other drugstores searching for those “HOT items.

What I’m here to tell you girls, is that there is an Easier Way. Sure- most of you have figured this out by now, but for those of you who haven’t- this is for you.

  • Ask the clerk what day their next truck will come to restock the shelves.  Where I go, it comes on Thursday nights.
  • Ask the clerk what time you should actually come back.  My store never has any of their truck unloaded until the next morning, so I don’t bother running in to check anymore.  I just show up first thing in the morning.
  • Ask a manager/supervisor if they have ordered alot of the item you’re after- and if not- tip them off that this is an amazing deal that will be gone fast.  In most cases, they will be happy to bump the order up a little if they know that. (i.e. “Will there be alot of these on the truck?  I just know tons of people who are already excited about getting a few of these while they’re on sale!)  Not only will you be making sure they’ve got plenty of the items YOU want, but you’ll be doing the whole coupon commuity a favor by ensuring there will be enough to go around.
  • Use the extra few day before the truck arrives to plan, clip, gain perspective, and take naps at naptime.  Then on the morning/evening of the new shipment – Be there, in the parking lot, with a bounce in your step and a sparkle in your eye- ready to load your buggy with great deals for you and your family!!
  • Just remember- slow and steady can usually win the race- but if you do occasionally miss out on a fabulous deal, there’s bound to be another one just around the corner!

Now your turn – how do you make sure you don’t miss out on the deals you really want at drugstores?  OR – and this is the case many times – how do you remain calm and keep perspective when you miss out?


  1. Courtney says

    This is great, you should do a grocery store edition. The Hixson TN Publix is ALWAYS sold out of their sale items. I almost always have to buy sale items several weeks after the sale. Once, I had to get a raincheck for a raincheck, because they stayed sold out the entire month. There is a serious couponer in the Hixson area, and I want to say to her: stop being so greedy!! Leave some for everyone else!! It’s so frustrating not being able to go as soon as the store opens on Wednesdays, because I work 14hr shifts that day each week. I always go Thursday mornings, and by that time, everything is gone. It almost just makes me want to throw in the towel on couponing :(

  2. DL says

    It is very frustrating to find the shelves empty. Alot of people have blamed other people for taking all the inventory but it’s really the stores fault for not having enough in stock for a big sale. You shouldn’t have to wait till Thursday or Friday for them to restock the shelves if the sale come on Sunday. I find that in our stores, if it’s gone on Monday, that’s it. They never restock at all. Makes you think they do it on purpose to just get you in the store but never intending to have enough of the great price items.

  3. tara says

    Good advice. I hate when I go into a store with a plan only to find half the stuff there I want to buy. Off topic but I get the Times Free Press in Chattanooga and I was wondering how many inserts were suppose to be in it

  4. says

    I usually just wait till late in the week (usually Thurs/Friday) and rarely ever run into an issue of something now being in stock.


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