Baby Deals… & a BIG Announcement!

While we offer a weekly roundup of Baby Deals here on Time2Save – Kelly, Kasey, Rosie & I (Jamie) don’t have any babies left to buy diapers for (They’re all 3 & up!).   But that’s all about to change, the Time2Save Team is about to get tiny new member……

Our wonderful Rosie is PREGNANT!

She just found out at the Doctor yesterday – and she gave me the okay to tell all of you. Woohoo!!  She and her husband have been trying for 4 years to add to their happy little family of three – and God answered their prayers with a peanut-sized picture on the ultrasound yesterday.  Praise God!

Up next…… Baby Deals!


  1. sam burgess says

    Everyone in the area should have a huge “Time2Save” baby shower!!! Seriously, if it weren’t for T2S, I wouldn’t have 13 tubs of wipes and 7 pkgs of diapers in my stockpile, and I would love to pay yall back in some small way (I’m absolutely POSITIVE I’m not the only one!)…… CONGRATULATIONS again, Rosie!!!

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