AWESOME Tip!! (Stop waiting for each page to load)

So – unless you have the time and patience of snail riding a turtle – you have probably been getting really REALLY frustrated with’s new site redesign. It takes a long time to load, and you can only view one page of coupons at a time.  If you need to skip to the last page (to view the ones you’ve printed  and print them one more time) then you’ll have to wade through 14 pages of coupons – each one taking forever to load.

BUT WAIT!  Here is a totally amazing tip that is going to make your day!!

Click the “Show More Coupons” button at the bottom of the first page of coupons – and then tap your space bar 10 or so times.  Now watch, as every page of coupons just lines up there before your eyes – top to bottom!

It works for me in Firefox – let us know if it works for you!!

CLICK HERE to Try It Out!

- Thanks, Monika from FabulesslyFrugal!



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