Kohls: Slipper Socks for $1.87! (+ Fuzzy Sock Cupcake Gifting Idea!)


If you need some stocking stuffers – here’s a great deal at Kohl’s!  Get a 2-Pack of SO Women’s Slipper Socks for only $3.74 (Reg $10)  That’s just $1.87 per pair – here’s how!

SO Slipper Socks 2-Packs - $4.99 (Reg $9.99)
Use code FIREPLACE to get 25% OFF
Choose In-Store Pickup to avoid shipping (or get over $50)
Makes it $3.74, or just $1.87 each!

Or – if you like the aloe-infused socks as much as I do!

Earth Therapeutics Aloe-Infused 2-Pack - $6 (Reg $12)
Use code FIREPLACE to get 25% OFF
Choose In-Store Pickup to avoid shipping
Makes it $4.50, or $2.25 each

If you need a LOT of sleepwear/slippers, etc… you can use $10 off $50 code SLEEPTIGHT for extra awesome savings – and even get $10 Kohl’s Cash back!

See this totally bonkers family pajama scenario we’ve put together here :)


Photo courtesy of Jen’s Happy Place

Now – for the cutie-cute gifting idea….  You can roll up the slipper socks and put them into a carton (or a cupcake liner reinforced with a ribbon) to make a Slipper-Sock Cupcake!  Put a red pom-pom on top for the final touch, and tuck in a $5 Giftcard to a local coffee-shop if you have the means.  The perfect “cozy” gift!


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25 Days of Christmas Fun: Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses on Milk Cartons!

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Jamie here, if you have ever tried to make Gingerbread Houses with your kids – I hope you had fun… because when I did it – I turned into a terrible person.


Several years ago, with 4 boys aged 2-8, things were wildly unlike what I had imagined in my Martha-Stewart-Picture-Perfect plan.  The Gingerbread House kit I’d bought on clearance the year before would NOT stay together, and the boys were poking the walls down and caving the roof in trying to fit as much candy as possible onto it.  I went into control-freak mode, and I’m pretty sure I ended up finishing it by myself while they pouted off to another room.  FAIL! [Read more...]

Candy Cane “Buttons & Bows” Cookies Recipe!

Candy Cane Buttons & Bows Cookies

I’m not a huge fan of peppermint candy – to me it seems like a total waste of sugar – but I am REALLY fond of the Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses.

I picked up a couple bags yesterday, but let’s be honest:  If I sit here and look at that candy I will be as fat as Santa by Christmas time.  So I made these fun cookies with them!



Being limited on time, I gladly went semi-homemade with the help of a bag of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Cookie mix. (Also check out our “Lazy Girl’s Cookies in a Jar” idea if you’re strapped for time.)


Following the directions for the mix, I whipped up a batch of chocolate chunk dough and dropped it by plops onto a cookie sheet.  I’m a big fan of using tin foil on my cookie sheets – because if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m kinda lazy and I hate to wash dishes.





Once you pull the chocolate chunk cookies out of the oven – place a candy cane kiss into the top of each cookie. Push it in pretty deep, that way it can start melting into a pretty candy-cane puddle.  Every couple minutes, work your way around the cookie sheet gently pushing the tip of the kiss down to make sure it flattens out some more.  At the end it will look like a candy cane button. Cute!



While my second sheet of cookies was baking, inspiration struck!  I sliced the candy cane kisses down the middle and lay them on top the cookies with their points touching – like a candy cane bow!  Again – as they melt you’ll want to gently push them down a bit so they spread out a little.



Looking down at the sheet of cookies, I thought - Buttons & Bows!

For a delusional moment there, I thought about how extremely clever I was and how it would be even MORE awesome if I had brownie bites and I called them “button & bow brownie bites”.   But honestly – that might be just too much cuteness for one title.  :)   Of course, it was WAY too much cuteness for the teenagers at Youth Group last night who refused to refer to them as buttons and bows  – but instead eye-rollingly referred to them “Zippers and Snaps”, “Those zipper cookies” and other silliness.

That’s just teenagers for you.  They’ll stuff your awesome cookies in their ungrateful faces while making fun of you.  Gotta’ love ‘em ;)



Regardless – the chocolate and mint combo was spot-on.  They complimented each other really well and both my family and the kids at youth group asked for me to make more!

Packaging Note: The kisses were still a little gooey a few hours later – so unless you have plenty of time to let these sit so the kisses can re-harden, the gooey-ness might make it difficult to pack for gift-giving.

Stores Open on Christmas Day 2015

Merry Christmas! If you happen to need to run out today or are traveling we’ve compiled a list of stores open on Christmas Day for your convenience. If you need to shop, you can always shop online if your favorite store is closed. If you happen to be traveling and are wondering which stores are open on Christmas Day you may want to call ahead to confirm hours of operation.

Drug Stores:

  • Rite Aid – Call your local store for hours
  • Walgreens – Call your local store for hours
  • CVS – Open call 1-800-SHOP-CVS to check verify hours of your local store.

Other Store Openings:

National Restaurant Chain Openings:

All of the store names listed above are linked to each company’s website.  Click the store name for a list of store locations in your area.

Other Helpful Links

  • Christmas Clearance Watch Lists and Tips here
  • Amazon’s 800 Number here


Note:  Please check your local store locations for store hours.  I cannot guarantee that every store listed above will be open on Christmas Day.  Although I have tried to research to provide you with the most accurate information, it is subject to change. Please check your local store location.

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25 Days of Christmas Fun: Countdown to Christmas Advent Idea


We thought it would be fun to start doing a post each night about a fun Christmas craft, recipe, family tradition and all things holly jolly.  If you would like to share a craft, recipe or tradition that your family enjoys – please email us at time2saveworkshops@gmail.com!  We’ll possibly feature you one night this month….



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Restaurant.com $25 Gift Certificate Only $3!!

Woohoo!!  The new 80% OFF code for Restaurant.com has been extended through today! 

Just GO HERE, pick your favorite restaurant in your area (I search by region, it includes more options) and at checkout use code CYBER to make a $25 Gift Certificate only $3.

The best part about these certificates is they NEVER EXPIRE!!  And even if your family doesn’t regularly eat out – we all do it sometimes.  Special occasions like Christmas Break, Summer Vacation, date nights, girls night outs, graduation and other events will be infinitely cheaper by planning ahead and purchasing some

NOTE: Think of this as a great coupon for eating out – most restaurants on the list require a minimum purchase of $35 to use your $25 gift certificate.

Cyber Monday Shopping at ebay! Earn 2% Cash Back!

Disclosure: This post is underwritten by ShopatHome. All opinions and text are my own.

Of all the places to shop for Christmas presents this Cyber Monday you may not have considered ebay. I love ebay and have found incredible deals over the years from hair bands for my baby, homeschool curriculum, a watch for my husband, and Legos for my son just to name a few. If you’ve never shopped ebay before here are a couple of helpful tips:

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