Couponing for the Rest of Us

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How to Shop Around for Car & Home Insurance


There are many ways to save money besides using coupons. I understand that for some, couponing can be overwhelming or feel like a waste of time. Also, depending on what season of life you are in it may not be feasible. Currently, I’m five months pregnant with a broken foot. I’ve been on crutches for 6 weeks and have at least 3 more to go. During this season of my life, couponing is on the back burner. I’m so thankful for a husband who has stepped up to help in areas that I usually handle including grocery shopping. However, if I gave him a big list with an envelope full of coupons it might send him over the edge. That being said, I have been looking at ways to cut overall unnecessary monthly spending.  At this point reducing our cable bill really isn’t an option because my husband basically only watches sports.  What next? As I took inventory of our monthly expenses I noticed that our car and home insurance took a large part of our monthly budget. It had been a long time since we had shopped around, so I was ready for the challenge. As a mortgage broker, my husband is constantly helping his customers shop around for the best insurance rates. He talked to several of his friends in the insurance business to help me develop a list of questions to ask when shopping around for the best rates. Keep in mind when shopping for home and auto insurance cheaper isn’t always better. Most importantly you want to be adequately covered in the event of an accident. I have included several questions and key areas of consideration to keep in mind when shopping around.

General Questions:

  1. Do you offer a discounted “bundled” insurance or multi policy discount? Most insurance companies will offer a discount when you bundle both your auto and home insurance together.
  2. Annual or Monthly rates – Depending on what you prefer make sure you are comparing apples to apples when shopping around.
  3. Can you quote several different deductible options? Oftentimes the higher the deductible the lower the amount of monthly premium. Depending on your current financial situation most people save money by opting for a higher deductible.
  4. Do you offer a discount if I have remained claim free for an extended amount of time?
  5. Do you offer discounts for seniors (if applicable)?
  6. Do you offer a 24 hour claims service?

Car Insurance:

  1. Information to have handy – current policy, drivers license, and vehicle registration number.
  2. Liability Limits – Find out what your state minimum liability limit is and consider if it would be enough to cover an accident. Your insurance company isn’t liable to provide coverage outside of your liability limits. Therefore, if you are in an accident that you are at fault you could be sued for the remaining amount.
  3. Consider your driving habits – Do you have a history of car accidents, or a long commute? My husband used to be on the road all day driving from appointment to appointment, now he works at his office which is less than a mile from home. When he reduced his commute our payment decreased.
  4. Does your coverage include other people driving my car?
  5. Does your coverage include uninsured motorist and underinsured?
  6. How is personal property value calculated in relation to my policy?
  7. Does the policy coverage include comprehensive damage (damage as a result of a non car crash).
  8. Determine if it’s important to you if in the event of an accident that your insurance coverage uses original manufacturer parts. Depending on the model and age of your car, this could be an issue. Many policies cover aftermarket parts to keep costs down. My car is 11 years old so personally this is not an issue for us, however when our car was brand new we felt otherwise.

Home Insurance:

  1. Does coverage include actual cash value or replacement cost?
  2. Please explain the coverage on wind and hail. (After 2012 tornadoes in Tennessee some insurance companies implemented coverage limitations on wind and hail. Even if you don’t live in Tennessee make sure to have the agent clarify coverage.)
  3. Some insurance companies offer discounts for dead bolts, smoke/fire alarms, and home security systems, don’t forget to ask.
  4. Renovations – if you have recently completed renovations on your home that increase it’s worth make sure that you are covered for improvements.
  5. What level of ALE (additional living expenses) does the policy you are quoting cover? In the event that you cannot live in your home due to an insured event or disaster it’s important to understand what and how much your policy covers in regards to ALE.
  6. Does this policy cover flood/hurricane/tornado damage?
  7. Does the policy cover home and land? Even after a disaster or accident the land your home is on will be there and doesn’t necessarily need to be covered.
  8. Are my personal possessions covered (jewelry, electronics, lawn equipment, etc)?

If you are in the market to purchase a new home or refinance your primary residence or investment property and live in TN or Georgia, make sure to give my husband, Gary Trenum, a call. He works for a local mortgage company and understands the importance of saving you money. He can be reached at 423-284-4082 or

Seasonal Sales Cycles: What to Buy in July

july sales

Wondering what to stock up on in July? You’ll find tons of great deals on fantastic items. Now is the time to find everything from charcoal, to sunscreen, to school supplies to fruit.

When looking at the month of July, you will want to look for any kind of grocery items related to the Fourth of July holiday. This would include a great deal of grilling and cookout items. Because July is also National Hotdog Month, Blueberry Month, and Baked Beans Month, you will also find great deals on those items. Items you will see on sale and want to stock up on as a result of this month’s themes are items such as BBQ Sauce, Bottled Water, Charcoal, Condiments, Dips, Ground Beef, Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns, Marinade, Paper Products, Utensils, Potato Chips, Ribs, Salad Dressing, Sodas and Steaks. Remember that many of these items have lengthy expiration dates, and can be frozen until you need them. When possible, stock up and save!
July is also a great time to find summer essentials on sale. This would include supplies such as Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Summer Clothing Clearance, Patio Furniture, and even Garden Décor. Pretty soon these items will be pulled from shelves, so now is the time to grab them and grab them for less. [Read more...]

Amazon: Wooden Alphabet & Number Magnets $2.29 Shipped!

Right now on Amazon, you can pick up a set of colorful Wooden Number Fridge Magnets for only $2.29 Shipped!

Or – get the entire set of 26 Wooden Alphabet Fridge Magnets for just $3.48 Shipped!!

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Amazon Kindle Fire Back to School Sale | Save $50!


Just a reminder about the Kindle Back to School offer – it won’t last long!!

If you’ve been wanting a Kindle Fire – you may want to hop on this deal!  Right now you can save up to $50 on a  Kindle Fire Tablet!

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10 Summer-Fun Ideas To Try At Home


10 Summer Fun Ideas to Try at Home

Jamie here!  Although we’ve already started posting Back to School deals ….  summer’s not over yet, and there’s still plenty of time to make the best of it!

Having fun doesn’t have to cost money – or even require you to leave home.  In fact – some of my kids’ favorite things to do require only that I drop everything and dive into pretend play or poke holes in the lid of a mason jar.  Here is my list of 10 Summer Fun Ideas To Do In Your Yard:

1.) Flashlight Tag.

The thrill of hide-n-seek lies in the fearfully giddy waiting period – while the seeker wanders about the yard yelling “GOTCHA” at the unlucky.  The thrill is heightened to a new level when done in the dark – with flashlights!  Grab some neighborhood kids to join in – and then sit back in your lawn chair with iced tea to supervise.

2.) Homemade Bubbles & Bubble-Makers.


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Summer Fun with a Great Deal on a Nerf N-Strike Elite Stongarm Blaster! “#KmartSummerFun

“This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.”

NERF GUN "#KmartSummerFun

I don’t know about your kids, but I want my kids to have an incredible summer. I want us to make memories and have fun together. Unfortunately three days into our summer break I broke my foot and have been on crutches ever since. So, we have had to adjust our summer fun a bit. I usually take the kids to the Y to swim a couple of days a week, but I’ve been looking for a good deal on outdoor toys that will keep their attention for a while on days we don’t make it to the pool.

Kmart has a great deal for outdoor Summer fun with your family! TODAY ONLY 25% Off a Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster and Dart Refill Pack Bundle. Originally $13.99, now you can get it for only $10.49. Plus, you can pick it up at the store and save on shipping. I’m super excited about being able to order online and pick up at the store. After walking on crutches for 6 weeks I am super thankful not to have to walk around in the store to shop! 

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Lots of New Kelloggs Coupons!



There are some great new Kellogg’s coupons that just popped up this morning!

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