7 Best Vegetable Garden Mulch Options

A successful vegetable garden counts heavily on your garden mulch.

Mulch helps do a variety of things for your garden. It helps it retain moisture, prevents weeds from taking over, and can improve your soil. Mulch is often nutrient rich, inexpensive, and easy to use. But how do you know which mulch to use? Thankfully, you will find your many options for the best vegetable garden mulch below.

Whether your garden be big or small, take a peek at these to find one that suits you…

Best Vegetable Garden Mulch Options:

  • Alfalfa
    Alfalfa is high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. It increases organic matter in the soil as well.

  • Cardboard
    This makes an excellent layer when you are composting. It will  suffocate your harmful weeds!

  • Hay
    Hay is mostly made of carbon and one of the most common mulches.

  • Lawn and grass clippings
    Clippings are high in lovely nitrogen and should be layered on in thin layers.

  • Dry leaves
    These are high in carbon and low in nitrogen. Bag up your leaves and keep them for your mulching needs.

  • Newspapers
    Newspapers opened and spread thick make an excellent weed barrier.  Check out our post on the many benefits of Newspaper vs. Landscape Fabric

  • Dry pine needles
    Pine needles are full of carbon and great for vegetable gardens!

As you can see, there are quite a few mulch options that involve materials you already have around your home and yard. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy mulch. If you have an abundance of pine needles, clipping, leaves, newspapers, or hay you are all set! Use it to your advantage as a mulch material and really get some bang for your buck.

Mulch truly is marvelous and acts as a barrier against the bad while holding in the good. Take advantage of all that it offers this growing season and watch your garden flourish! You will be so glad you did!



Ashley Lauren’s Closet: 2016 Spring & Summer Sale


I am so excited that the Ashley Lauren’s Closet 2016 Spring/Summer sale opens tomorrow!  If you live anywhere close to Cleveland, TN it is worth the drive!  As a first time mom I paid full price for things like an exersaucer, high chair and Johnny Jump Up.  Babies grow so fast - you can save hundreds of dollars simply by shopping at a consignment sale.  For example, I paid about $100 for my daughter’s first exersaucer that she grew out of in a couple of months, when I saw THE EXACT SAME ONE for less than $20 at the next Ashley Lauren’s Closet Sale I wanted to cry.  Needless to say, my shopping habits changed after that – consignment sales ROCK! We shopped on Saturday and my kids bought a $500 drum set for $50! We save so much money each season by shopping at the Ashley Lauren’s Closet.

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Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop only $59 Shipped! (Reg $140!)

Head over to Walmart and pick up a sweet deal on this Shark Steam Pocket Mop - only $59 + FREE Shipping!  (Reg $139.99)  That’s 77% OFF!!

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Mexican Chicken and Quinoa Recipe

mexican chicken & quinoa 5
My family absolutely loves Mexican food, but often times Mexican food can be pretty unhealthy so I’m always looking for a healthy alternative. As I was meal planning this week I remembered this recipe video that I saw on Facebook for Mexican Quinoa however, my husband does not enjoy vegetarian meals so I knew he’d be less than happy if I made it for dinner. To keep my man happy, I made several adaptions to the recipe to better suit my family’s taste and I must say that it turned out amazing! An added bonus, as a one pot meal it was so easy to make and clean up was a snap! [Read more...]

How to Save on Gas #MyFuelRewards

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own.
how to save money on gas

Are you headed on a trip for Spring Break or already planning your Summer vacation? Gas can be a huge expense, not only in our daily life, but also on special trips as well. I am always looking for easy ways to save money that doesn’t take much effort on my part. When I heard about Fuel Rewards I knew I couldn’t wait to share with you after I had some time to use it myself and see how it worked for my family! It’s completely legit and so easy to use. You are going to LOVE IT!! From now until June 5, you can sign up for the Fuel Rewards Program and save 25 cents per gallon on your first fill up. An additional 3 cents per gallon will be taken off your fuel balance after each fill-up from there on out. One Fuel Rewards member paid a total of 19 cents for 20 gallons worth of fuel, and even if you just saved the guaranteed 3 cents per gallon, that’s still almost a dollar off per tank!

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