Mexican Chicken and Quinoa Recipe

mexican chicken & quinoa 5
My family absolutely loves Mexican food, but often times Mexican food can be pretty unhealthy so I’m always looking for a healthy alternative. As I was meal planning this week I remembered this recipe video that I saw on Facebook for Mexican Quinoa however, my husband does not enjoy vegetarian meals so I knew he’d be less than happy if I made it for dinner. To keep my man happy, I made several adaptions to the recipe to better suit my family’s taste and I must say that it turned out amazing! An added bonus, as a one pot meal it was so easy to make and clean up was a snap! [Read more...]

Chocolate Mound Cake

Chocolate Mound Cake 2
My husband’s favorite dessert is anything chocolate. Although we are committed to a healthy eating lifestyle, we do splurge on holidays. This year for Father’s Day I made my husband a Chocolate Mound Cake, and he said it was the best cake I’ve ever made. I usually like to prepare our food from scratch, but I took the easy way out and used a cake mix. Even though my morning sickness is getting better, it still hits every day, so this momma needed an easy solution. This Chocolate Mound Cake got such rave reviews from my husband and kids I thought I’d share with you. [Read more...]

The Unexpected Gifts of Brokenness

The Unexpected Gifts of Brokenness

Recently, I shared with you a little about a heartbreaking season I have walked through that lasted several years, and how my marriage was completely broken. The unexpected gifts of brokenness are what I have learned from this season in my life, and the fruit that has come from being pruned.

Romans 5:3-5 (NIV)
3 We also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

I’m going to be honest, Romans 5:3-5 is one of those verses that I liked to skip over. I mean, who wants to glory in their suffering? In fact, who wants even to think about suffering. Suffering is scary! It’s not something anyone would willfully sign up for, except Jesus, who died on the cross willfully for our sins. I don’t want to suffer. However, after going through a very difficult season where every area of my life felt like it was being tested, and I did suffer, I now see something different in this passage. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want ever to walk through that same wilderness again, but what God has taught me through barren seasons I don’t think I could have learned any other way. What God has done in my heart to transform me into an entirely different person wouldn’t have happened otherwise There are unexpected gifts that only brokenness can bring. [Read more...]

CopyCat Chick Fil A Frosted Lemonade


My friend, Cortney, has been telling me all about Chick-Fil-A’s new Frosted Lemonade. Although, I’m trying to stay away from sweets, I think this will be a fun summertime treat for my kiddos. You can buy pre-made lemonade at the grocery store, or opt for a lower sugar version with lemonade flavored Crystal Light. This recipe is so easy your kids may be able to jump right in and help. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon!


  • 1 cup Lemonade (you could also use Lemonade Crystal Light for a lower sugar version)
  • 2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Lemons for garnish (Optional)


  1. Blend lemonade and ice cream together.
  2. Serve in chilled glasses and garnish with lemon slices.

**Make sure to use a good quality Ice Cream otherwise it can get foamy when blended.


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Ground Mustard & Parmesan Pork Chops One Pan Meal

Ground Mustard Parmesan Pork Chops

One pan healthy meals are my favorite. Not only are they a snap to clean up, but preparation time is minimal as well. This particular recipe is my family’s favorite one pan meal, Ground Mustard & Parmesan Pork Chops. I found a very similar recipe online, but made modifications to better suit my family. I usually get everything ready in the afternoon, and place the baking pan in the fridge until my husband calls to tell me he is on his way home. Then I pop it in the oven, and make a fresh garden salad to go with it. When my hubby walks in the door dinner is ready and my house smells amazing.  [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day


We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day.  My daddy is celebrating in heaven.  Although, I miss him so much I know nothing on earth can compare to his eternal home. My dad was so funny! Everyone wanted to be around him. What I remember most is daddy always doing for others. So many times he would call me, once I moved to Cleveland, and tell me he and my mom were coming for the day just to bring us something or take us to dinner. I watched him serve people, give, and love others with an unwavering passion. If you knew him, you loved him and wanted to be around him. He always made me laugh, brightened my day, and made me feel loved and adored. I miss him so very much! He would have enjoyed all his grand babies so much and they would have had so much fun with them. 



Today, my kids and I celebrate my hubby.  He is an incredible husband, father, and friend.  I am blessed beyond measure, and so thankful.  Our story is not perfect, in fact there were years when our marriage was completely broken, but God has healed our hearts and restored our life. As a result of those years that seemed so hopeless, I appreciate our life together so much more. I am so thankful for a man that loves God, loves me, and loves his children. He is a man of integrity that leads us with Godly wisdom and love. We are so excited to celebrate him today.


Homemade Peach Cobbler {with fresh peaches}

homemade peach cobble

Every summer I start stalking our local peach orchard anxiously anticipating when their peaches will be ripe. Peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits. There is nothing like biting into a juicy ripe peach on a hot summer day. I also really love peach cobbler. I try not to make it very often, as I am careful to limit how much sugar we eat on a weekly basis. However, I think it’s essential to make peach cobbler at least once a summer. In my case, I made it twice because I didn’t love the first recipe, and wanted it to be perfect before I posted it for you. So, I went back to the drawing board and made some modifications. The second recipe turned out perfectly! It not only was much easier to make but so tasty! [Read more...]

Shopping for Father’s Day is Hard When Your Marriage is Broken

I shared a little bit about this on Facebook last week, but after the response, I received on both my personal page and my Facebook Business page I knew I had to expound more. You see, so often we keep a mask on our face and pretend like everything is ok when in reality we feel like our life is falling apart. After going through years when my marriage was broken, I resolved that if it was ever restored and my heart healed, I would reach out to others to share hope. I was so lonely during that season and felt like I was the only one whose marriage was struggling. Now, I know many struggle in their marriage. So often, it’s the couple I least expect, who appear to have everything together. In fact, we were that couple. On the outside, everything looked great; people even looked up to us and our marriage, but no one knew what was going on under the surface. Here is the FB memory that I shared from 2014 and the one step I took that initiated change.

fathers day cards

June 2014
As I stood looking at all the Father’s Day cards earlier today, I was flooded with emotions. You see, several years ago my marriage was very broken. In fact, at times, it seemed hopeless. During the darkest season picking out a Father’s Day card for my husband was so difficult because honestly I didn’t mean the words I read inside. Instead, I would look for the most generic card I could find. Today,
 as I picked out the mushiest most loving card I could find, I was in tears at the faithfulness of God. He not only healed our hearts, but he so carefully bound our hearts together again with a love that is so much stronger than anything we had experienced before. God is a God of redemption, and I’m so thankful for what he has done in us and through us. Why share? Because God moves when we are real. Being real opens up the door to minister and encourage others who are where we once were. If you are struggling in your marriage today, don’t give up. Healing didn’t happen for us overnight……it took years. Long, hard, difficult years but it’s so worth it. Today, as I look at our life, there are truly no words that can describe the miracle that has taken place. I am beyond thankful that we never gave up and am so excited about what He is doing in our family.

Ephesians 3:20
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

June 2016
This still brings tears to my eyes when this post comes up in my Facebook memories because God’s faithfulness is beyond what I can comprehend. Two years later and he continues to restore, redeem, and use our story to speak hope into marriages who feel hopeless. Two years ago I was pregnant with Jordan, our restoration baby, and today I am pregnant again with our new miracle. Two children that would have never been had we given up. As I was sharing with a precious wife last night, the fight is so very worth it. 

But, what do you do when you are right in the middle of brokenness? I remember holidays, especially Father’s Day being so difficult because I was so hurt and didn’t mean any of the words in most of the cards that I read. In fact, I felt exactly the opposite. At the same time, my heart desired to heal more than anything in the entire world. I wanted to be able to look at my kids in the face and know that I had done everything in my power if our marriage didn’t heal. That meant I was willing to humble myself, shut my mouth, and do things that were hard. It meant not listening to what I felt like and treating him how I wanted to be treated. Now, please know there were years when I acted exactly the opposite of how I am describing. I treated my husband exactly how I felt because I was hurting so badly. My will to change at that time was based solely on him changing. I thought for so long that my healing……..our healing was dependent on him changing. If he would just do this or if he would just do that, THEN our marriage would change. I was wrong. We were in a vicious cycle. At some point, I chose to heal over my feelings, my anger, my desire to be validated, and whether or not my husband changed. I began to work on me and trusting God more than anything, knowing that there was no guarantee to the outcome of my marriage.  13394025_1116218758423838_4887086725116978709_n

Recently, my husband told me that a major turning point in his heart was on Father’s Day in 2011. I had no idea the impact that my one decision would make on his heart and in turn our marriage. All I knew is that I was going to serve him, and love him in his love language, which happens to be gifts. (Coincidently, gifts are not my love language.) I don’t remember what else I bought him, but I made him the photo book pictured above. I was planning on ordering a beautiful photo book online, but procrastinated too late and ended up at 3 am the night before Father’s Day creating a photo book online at I am so thankful that I didn’t listen to how I “felt.” I am so glad I didn’t stay in that place where I thought that my healing and my marriage depended on my husband changing his behavior or treating me a certain way. I am so thankful that I listened to God, humbled my heart and loved my husband through my pain. He shared with me just how much this gift meant to him because he knew he didn’t deserve it. It softened his heart and opened his eyes to see my heart towards him and my desire for our marriage to move forward.

How to honor your spouse on Father’s Day when your marriage is broken. 

  1. Don’t wait on your spouse to make the first move, even if their initial choice is what led to the struggle in your marriage. Be the one willing to take the first step. Trust me; it will go against everything in your flesh. I am not going to pretend that is will be easy.
  2. Love your spouse in their love language. Humble yourself and serve their hearts.
  3. Protect the atmosphere of your home on Father’s Day. It’s not enough just to give a gift, but that day honor your spouse. He is copartner in parenting your children. Don’t start a fight, or bring up issues that are difficult. They will all be there tomorrow. I don’t mean ignore problems, or pretend like everything is fine, but instead don’t engage any arguments.

Again, I had no idea on Father’s Day in 2011 that my one act of obedience to God would be the change agent that would begin to bring about healing in my marriage and change my husband’s heart. I was so mad that day on the inside, but I knew I had to obey the prompting I felt in my spirit to obey God. I know that every marriage is different, and not every marriage can be saved, but mine seemed incredibly hopeless for such a long time. I am so thankful that I never gave up and was willing to do the hard work for the possibility of healing. One thing is for sure, every single tear and every ounce of work was worth it! Restoration is so much sweeter than I could have ever imagined.